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A young Belgian model, Letizia Tilly, was born in Brussels and since childhood dreamed of becoming a model. Thanks to her mother, who pushed her to the dream, the girl first became acquainted with fashion photography and signed her first contract with a modeling agency. In her interview, Letizia shared her preferences in food, talked about her most memorable shooting, told some of the subtleties of facial skin care and much more.

Model data:

Height: 178 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 82-62-89 cm;
Eye color: green;
Hair color: dark blond;
Member of the Agency: Jill Models (Antwerp).
How were you discovered?

My mom made me a birthday present – a fashion photo shoot! This was my first experience with professional photography, where I acted as a model. She knew that I always dreamed about it, and her gift was for me the beginning of a whole new life! I like fashion, it gives me energy and an incentive for self-improvement.

Which of the photo shoots do you remember the most?

Well, most of the photo shoots I did were pretty interesting, I met some wonderful photographers, and they all taught me something! But if I have to choose one, then probably it will be a shoot for the brand Can Pep Rey. The people I had to work with were so cute! The mod, the designer of the brand, has interesting views on the world around her, she is an incredibly amazing person. Her friend Paul, a co-founder of the brand, is no less bright and interesting person.

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Tell us a little more about your mother Jill Models, and what do you like most about him?

Jill Models is an amazing agency! When you cross the threshold of this agency, you immediately feel the positive vibes. Kindness and caring are in the air. A team of experienced scouts and managers are working hard for the benefit of their models, Jill, like a mother, protects us and cares!

Where is your home and why?

It may sound like a cliché, but the house is where my family and my little dog Remy are! When Remy is next to me, I immediately feel happy, he is a sweet and very smart dog.

Favorite city for shopping?

Of course, Paris !!!! I adore this city, which I have, and probably most people on the planet associate with fashion. All these boutiques, and large brands, are simply gathered together in one city. The level of fashion per square meter in Paris is just off scale! I also like vintage shops where you can find many interesting designer items. I love to combine vintage style with modern trends, thanks to this we get simply incredible images!

What is your favorite form-keeping dish?

I got hooked on tangerines and cherries. I love fruits because they give a lot of energy, which is enough for the whole day. I am allergic to gluten, so I can’t eat gluten-free snacks, but it really doesn’t affect my daily diet.

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How do you care for your skin? Perhaps you have your own beauty recipe?

There is not a secret, and in fact, everything is very simple. You need to drink plenty of fluids during the day, use moisturizers and devote several days a week to sports exercises. In addition, I try to apply makeup, if necessary, and give the skin to rest as long as possible. As a rule, face and hair are exposed to great stress during filming, when sometimes they apply a huge layer of makeup and pour tons of varnish on the head. At the end of the shoot, I try to remove my makeup as soon as possible, for this I wash my face with cold water. It keeps the skin soft and makes it dull white, which I really like.

The best advice you’ve ever received?

“Live today!” If you get the opportunity to do something great – do it and do not wait another 5 years, because it may be too late. As young and beautiful as today, we will never be!

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