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When we see him walking against the good guys in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: The Last Avenger: Confrontation this month, it’s hard to believe that Frank Grillo is playing Brock Ramlow (aka super villain Crossbones ), turns 52 years old. Take a look at his Instagram and twitter accounts, and you will quickly realize that he spends as much time on the set as in the ring and in the MMA cell (Mixed Martial Arts – Mixed Martial Arts).

Frank Anthony Grillo’s acting career has been around for almost a quarter of a century, but over the past few years there has been a surge in his popularity, especially when he got the lead roles in several sensational blockbusters.

In 2016, his solo project entitled “Skyline: Beyond,” which was shot in Indonesia and which boasts the presence of the stars of the Indonesian furious “Raid” Iko Ways and Yayan Rukhyan, was released on the screens. Frank also acted as the main characters in the sequel Doomsday 3: Election Day, the detective drama Stephanie and the television drama Kingdom, where he played a mixed martial arts trainer.

All these roles became available to him thanks to the appearance in the cinema universe Marvel, where Grillo was able to demonstrate all his mastery of mixed martial arts, and also to prove that these qualities are not the only thing that can surprise the viewer. Filmography of Frank Grillo and before that included such well-known projects as “Minority Opinion”, “Poltergeist: Heritage”, “Warrior”, but these were paintings where he was assigned only third-order roles. Therefore, instead of saying “better late than never,” the most appropriate expression would be: “it’s time, damn it!

Interview: Frank Grillo for DAMAN Mag:
DAMAN: Hi Frank! We are very pleased to have a little chat with you today. And it seems that 2016 promises to be a good year for you. We’ll start with Captain America: Civil War, which will soon be released on cinema screens. Are you excited before the premiere?

Frank Grillo: It was a difficult year, yes. Good? This remains to be seen. Ha! “Captain America: Civil War” has every chance of becoming a great summer hit, so I hope Crossbones will make a splash.

Those familiar with The Confrontation comics know that your character, Brock Rumlow, also known as Crossbones, plays an incredibly important role in the ending of the graphic story. Are there any hints about the significance of your character in the film adaptation of this story that you can reveal at the moment?

Crossbones is crucial, but the film does not follow the comic storyline, so fans will recognize my character in a different capacity.

A little about personal, do you have any favorite moments or a particularly memorable part of the game in two films about the First Avenger?

My favorite moments are always fights. Fans of Captain America: The Winter Soldier will not be disappointed with the fighting scenes of Captain America: Civil War.

Looking back, how did you react when you first found out about the character you are going to play? Especially the part where he will develop over several films.

I was happy to get the role; however, Marvel is very secretive, so to what extent your character will grow up in these films – if you are not the main character – is always in doubt.

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The excitement about Skyline: Beyond is also justified, as it was shot in Indonesia and with the participation of Indonesian actors. So, the first and most important thing, what was your stay in this country? Have you managed to be a bit of a tourist?

My stay in Indonesia was very enjoyable. I worked every day, six days a week, so I did not have enough time to be a tourist, but we managed to get a little comfortable and have fun.

What was it like working with Iko Wise and Yayan Rukhyan?

They were amazing, and we quickly became friends. We trained and rested together. These are great guys!

Working directly with Indonesian actors and the film crew, what is your impression of the local film industry?

It is an interesting thing to work there. They have slightly different laws and the culture is very unique, but as soon as you find the right rhythm, it becomes much easier to work. They are wonderful people.

When you get a fist in the face, it is very sobering.

You also played in the last two films, Doomsday. Now, Doomsday 3: Election Day, has nothing to do with the first film. Will the new part be a restart of the franchise, or will a parallel be drawn between the first and second films?

Doomsday 3 continues its narrative from the moment where the events of the plot of Doomsday 2 end.

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