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Madalina Genea

The 27-year-old Italian model of Romanian origin, Madalina Diana Ghenea, has a very outstanding history of her popularity. As a child, the girl did not even suspect that in the future she would expect success and world fame as a model and actress, as well as the attention of the most enviable bachelors of Hollywood.

Model data:

Height: 180 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 90-60-90 cm;
Hair color: light brown;
Eye color: brown;
Member of the agencies: Twelve Entertainment Talent Agencym (parent).
photo – model and actress Madalina Gena

At age 14, Madalina attracted the attention of a model agent who stumbled upon her Facebook profile. He was captivated by the beauty of a young Romanian, bright appearance and model data. Of course, frequent trips and participation in the filming could not but affect the performance of the young beauty in school. According to her, the teachers did not hide their indignation and argued that a model life could have a detrimental effect on a girl of such a young age. Madalina managed to prove the opposite when, after 7 years, the director of the school where she studied, received a whole stack of GQ magazines, on the glossy pages of which adorned the pretty Madalina, who had become a world-class star by that time. The path to success was not simple, but thorny, where many attractive obstacles arose on the path of the attractive brunette, which she overcame with dignity. “I worked for some time with a modeling agency in Italy, with which I had some friction. They did not pay me for the last contracts for which I worked for a year for free. It took several years to settle everything. It’s especially difficult to face such a situation at such a young age, but thanks to this I had to grow up early, ”recalls the model in one of his interviews.

Madalina loves to dress beautifully, in her wardrobe there are things from brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, because quality and elegance come first to her. However, as the brunette admits, she is not a fan of shopping: “in fact, as a child, I worked in the market – I sold tomatoes. We had a garden where we grew various vegetables, mainly cucumbers and tomatoes, then selling them at a local bazaar. I carefully laid them out on the shelf and invited customers. Every morning we got up very early, but I knew that at the end of the day a reward awaited me – my favorite ice cream. In any case, this is perhaps one of the most intimate stories in my life, and the shops cause me not the most flattering associations. ”

Madalina also claims that she is largely talented, and not only as a model and actress. She is capable of doing any work if her life had turned out differently. “I think that if I’m not lucky and God will not help me in my career as an actress, I don’t think that I will be lost. There are many things in which I could succeed. Firstly, I graduated from art school in Slatina, and I can be a ballet teacher. In addition, children love me, so I could become a wonderful nanny. In the end, I can cut and dye my hair, and could be a good hairdresser, ”says the model.

Career model
Genea left her home in Slatina and went to conquer Milan at the age of 14. From the first days in the world capital of fashion, the girl understood – this is the city in which her fate will be fulfilled! After some time, Madalina already defiled on the catwalk at the fashion show from Gattinoni, held in Rome.

The owner of the magnetic look of Angelina Jolie, the Mediterranean appeal of Sophia Loren and the juicy forms of Anna Magnani.

It is unlikely that anyone will be interested in her teenage figure, because adult sexuality, which distinguishes her from other modern models, brought the most popularity and highly paid contracts. Juicy forms of Madalina have repeatedly adorned catalog pages from popular lingerie brands, including Borghetti Liquor, Gioelliamo, Grimaldimare, Lepel, Lise Charmel, Piera Lingerie and Solera Intimo. Prior to this, the girl was the face of the Italian brand Aldo Coppola, participating in many shootings for advertising campaigns in the most picturesque corners of Italy. But the longest time for her was a collaboration with the German lingerie label Lascana. Such relevance in the fashion world could not pass without the attention of film producers. So Madalina recalls the beginning of her acting career: “I worked before that only as a model, and was not famous. But a lot has changed for me in just a few days. “I got into the world of cinema, hit the big screen, and thanks to my first modeling agency and the agent who saw the potential in me, I believed in me.”

Actress career
Although in 2007 the girl starred in the video of Eros Ramazotti “Il tempo tra di noi” and participated in the Italian version of the body of the project “Dancing with the Stars”, nevertheless, 2011 can be considered with confidence the year of the beginning of her acting career.

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