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In Hollywood, stars are more straightforward, categorical, and shamelessly grouchy than Russell Crowe. However, a person who carries such a powerful message from the screens has earned the right to speak openly what he thinks.

Russell (full name: Russell Ira Crowe) was born April 17, 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand. But when the boy was 4 years old, the family moved to Sydney. Further, the parents of the future star delivered dinners to the set and often took their son with them. Crow carefully watched the work of the actors and quickly figured out how to make a film that the audience liked.

Crowe began as a musician, performing under the stage name Russ Le Roc. Then he later switched to an acting career, starring in the Australian projects Crossroads, Skins and the drama Proof, which brought him his first award. Having established himself as a talented actor, Crow moved to America, where he played several passing roles, after which he received his first prominent role in the science fiction film “Virtuosity”, where Denzel Washington became his partner.
In 1995, the role of a tough policeman in the thriller Los Angeles Secrets brought Crow the fame of one of the brightest Hollywood actors. However, the attention of the press quickly tired him:

My work is easy for me and I like it, but all these gatherings and conversations with reporters who ask the same questions and give the same answers are terribly enraging. And it does great harm to mental balance.

Continuing to build his career brick by brick, in the end, in the late 90s, Russell was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Michael Mann’s film “His Man.” According to Crowe, the secret of acting popularity is not talent, but hard and painstaking work.

Photos – Russell Crowe in the movie Gladiator
Russell as Maximus in the movie Gladiator.

In 2000, Russell’s career made a new round with the release of the epic blockbuster Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. During the filming, there were problems with the script, the sudden death of a colleague in the workshop, Oliver Reed, and Russell’s hospitalization with fractures after dangerous battle scenes:

The gladiator was very difficult to go to the screens, physically difficult, but from a moral point of view, we got a lot of satisfaction, because we were reaching a hard-to-reach goal, but we were focused on making everything right, and as a result we got a lot of pleasure from filming.

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The final result more than compensated for all the emotional costs, because Gladiator became the blockbuster of the year. The picture received an Oscar in the category Best Film, and Crowe received a statuette as Best Actor. For Russell, critics’ recognition was very important, but the hype in the press freaked him out, which he repeatedly poured out all the accumulated negativity on the journalists, not hesitating to express not the most pleasant words.

Western: “Train to Yuma.”

In the same 2000, a striking contrast was the role in the film “Proof of Life” which failed at the box office. Crowe played in tandem with Meg Ryan, with whom, for some time, he had a romantic relationship. Agreeing to the role of a negotiator who was hired to free the husband of the main character, Crowe did not want to represent his character as a typical hero. Having acquired the role of a brave hero in his piggy bank, Russell rejected the offer to star in the role of Wolverine in X-Men, Morpheus in The Matrix, and Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. However, he was attracted to the role in the graphic drama of Ron Howard’s “Game of the Mind” about the genius of mathematics John Forbes Nash.

In subsequent years, Russell continued to strengthen his acting reputation by appearing in the biographical drama “Knockdown”, the thriller “Gangster” and in the western “Train to Yuma”.

In the role of Robin Hood.

In 2009, Crowe made a controversial decision to star in the role of a journalist in the political thriller Kevin MacDonald’s The Big Game. In 2010, the actor for the fifth time met with director Ridley Scott on the set of the new adaptation of Robin Hood. Since the story was filmed many times already, Russell understood that their version should stand out in some way:

We started from scratch, once Mel Brooks made his own film, in which he used all the famous cliches and you can’t return to them, so we wanted to reset all existing adaptations and reveal the personality of a person who later turned into such a character.

Also in 2010, Crowe played a serious role as the man who prepares his wife’s jailbreak in Paul Haggis’s drama Three Days to Escape. However, the actor does not even allow the thought of doing this in real life.

Having rested for a year from filming, the Australian returned with the intention of proving that he was a broad-based actor. In 2012, Russell played two diverse roles: he played in the action-packed action movie Iron Fist, and also performed several roles in the famous musical Les Miserables with Samantha Barks and Hugh Jackman.

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