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There are several specific types, even rather trends, among the most popular face types of models. If you are seriously thinking about the career of a model, then it is important to immediately understand what type of face you have. In the future, with such knowledge, it will be much easier for you.

Types of model appearance:

classic look;
baby face
strong face;
commercial face;
strange look.
Very often, before a certain casting, the customer tells the agency what specific type of girl he needs. This makes the task very easy for everyone, because in this case, the modeling agency will invite you to view only those models that match the desired appearance. But it often happens that such detailed recommendations are missed by the advertiser and the agency does not receive the necessary instructions, as a result of which, most of the girls, after standing for many hours at the casting, do not pass it.

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Such failures can greatly impact your self-esteem, especially difficult for beginner models. In most cases, this does not mean that you are not beautiful or too thin, and in some ways inferior to your competitors, model girls who are casting with you. It’s just that your face type does not fit into the creative concept of this particular project. That there would be no senselessly shed tears of disappointment, you should figure it out yourself: what type of appearance are you suitable for.

The main types of model appearance:

Classic look (classic face)
Models: Stella Trapsh and Bar Rafaeli

An oval face with the correct classic features, as a rule, girls with such an appearance are called a “clean canvas” on which stylists and makeup artists can create. With the right selection of makeup, clothing, hairstyle and image in general, the model can easily be turned into any desired image, so this type can be safely called universal. Such girls usually do not achieve stunning success in the career of a model, but at the same time they can work actively and make good money.

Baby face
Models: Natalia Vodianova and Gemma Ward

One of the most sought after and highly paid types in the modeling business. The most classic example of this standard is Natalia Vodianova. The faces of such girls are similar to the faces of children: large, wide-set eyes, a small neat nose, chubby cheeks and beautiful small lips. Girls with a similar appearance look 15-16 years old and look like cute, little children.

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Strong face
Models: Gisele Bündchen and Linda Evangelista

Appearance, more related to fashion. Usually, these are girls with a wild, passionate look, high cheekbones, expressive eyebrows and, in general, quite sharp facial features. Most often, models with this appearance are taken to fashion shows, fashion shootings for fashion magazines and other fashion shows with a creative component. In most cases, these girls have a tall, thin physique and long legs. This is a very winning and sought-after type. If you have strong face looks, you are very lucky.

Commercial face
Models: Sasha Pivovarova and Adriana Lima

Perhaps these are the most beautiful types of girls who look at us, usually from billboards, covers of beautiful cosmetics, perfumes, etc. These are girls with “selling faces” that you can look at forever. They are really very beautiful, attractive, have charming smiles, large expressive eyes, luxurious curls of hair, matte skin and all that many women dream of. This is the face that you want to look at, admire and associate with him all the most beautiful.

Strange look
Models: Daphne Gruneveld and Kelly Mittendorf

The most interesting face type of models. It is these girls who are most often chased by model scouts. When looking at such a model, one cannot say that she is a classic beauty and looks physically attractive, but there is something really attractive and unusual in such faces. It can be too bulging ears, an unusual shape of a mouth or nose, too wide-set eyes – something special, for which the eye clings. Models with such an appearance are very rare, but as a rule, girls with the strange look type do not realize how valuable and attractive they are in the modeling industry. This appearance can be called very rare and in demand in the modeling business.

To have the most attractive appearance from the point of view of the model industry does not mean to be a successful model. The most important link in the career of a model is the agent or manager of a model agency who will explain to you how unique you are and correctly select projects that are suitable specifically for your appearance.

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