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 Today we want to introduce you to the magnificent alternative model Devon Milinkovich (pseudonym Devon Alexandra)! The young girl worked quite hard in order to find her happiness and build a successful career in the modeling business and realize herself as a professional sales manager. Being the object of ridicule and constant bullying by peers in childhood, Devon learned a lot. This tempered her character, endowed her with perseverance, inner strength and endurance, which, of course, was useful to her in the future. Having many virtues within herself, the blue-eyed brown-haired woman found her award in the form of a beloved guy and adored work as a model. Devon is the owner of 3 beautiful tattoos on her body: a fairy on her right shoulder, a vine with flowers on her left thigh and quotes from world classics along the right rib cage. Also, her nose, ears and belly button adorn the piercing. Her favorite
singer is Lana Del Rey, her favorite Halloween holiday, her favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence, and her favorite treat is chocolate.

Model data:

Height: 170 cm;
Age: 22 years old;
Chest: 86 cm;
Waist: 71 cm;
Hips: 81 cm;
Hair color: bronze brown hair;
Eye color: blue;
Real residence: Canada
photo – blue-eyed model from Serbia Devon Alexandra

Childhood, growing up and finding your place in life
Hello! My name is Devon Alexandra. I am 23 years old and I am half Serb and half British. Needless to say, I was raised on the culture of my native country of Serbia, eating cabbage rolls, as well as dipping cookies in my tea. This is strange, I know, haha. I always joke that my crazy side is Serbian and the right side is British … but if you put aside jokes, I’m a pretty strong person who can achieve my goals. I was an exemplary student at school, thanks to the good upbringing that my parents gave me and my younger sister. However, my mother always wanted me to wear girlish dresses, to which I never felt sympathy, and even now, after so many years, haha.

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As a teenager, my peers often scoffed at me … quite probably because of the poor choice of my wardrobe by my mother. I went through all the trials that fall on the head of a 12-year-old teenage girl, when all the peers around are trying to constantly humiliate. This continued until puberty. But thanks to this, I learned to fight, stand up for myself and gain respect in this society.

And finally, one fine day, I got my way – beloved young man, beloved job, home …. Life was not always easy for me, like many others, I made mistakes, I lived, I studied … Everything I did in life, I did as my heart dictated and relied only on my own experience, without any advice. As soon as I matured enough, I immediately found a job. For a long time I worked in the service sector – from hostesses to bartenders. I was in this business for about 6 years, and I learned a lot during this time. Thanks to hard work, I was able to buy a house when I was only 21 years old. Now I rent it, and I live with my Canadian boyfriend, who works in real estate, in a Canadian brokerage campaign, however, I also began to learn the intricacies of this business, and now I am an experienced sales manager.

photo – British model of Serbian descent Devon Alexandra

Soon, I discovered modeling, which for me was more than just a hobby. I like to pose in front of the camera, try on different images and give myself to the emotions that dominate me during the shooting. I discovered my passion for modeling when I was 18 years old. I love the profession of a model, in addition, it does not violate my lifestyle, which I am accustomed to. I eat exclusively healthy foods, avoiding harmful proteins and fats, I like sports, in particular fitness, so modeling fits perfectly into my life. I plan to do this as long as I am capable and in demand in this industry, preserving my parallel developing career as a sales manager, which I also like.

Hobbies and greatest passions
Among other things, I am fond of painting, and I draw pretty well myself, as soon as I get some free time. I also play the piano, thanks to private lessons that I have been learning for 12 years. I love to ride a roller coaster, travel and everything that gives me a thrill! I’m also a big movie fan and I love going to the movies at least once a week and usually comedies. I love to laugh and fool around, especially in good company, because laughter prolongs life! My motto: business time, fun hour!

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 Today we want to introduce you to the magnificent alternative model Devon Milinkovich (pseudonym Devon Alexandra)! The young girl worked quite hard in order to find her happiness and build…