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“I directly feel the heels give me strength” – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has time for everything: to develop the Rose Inc. project, raise her son with her husband Jason State and successfully continue her modeling career. In the current cruise season, Rosie became the face of the Jimmy Choo – In My Choos campaign, and on this occasion we decided to talk with the supermodel about business and parties, childhood and ways to feel like a domineering woman.

What were your first childhood ambitions?

My childhood dream was to become an artist.

The best advice you have been given?

I got a lot of good advice in my life, but I think that there is one that has stuck in my head forever, and it sounds like this: it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and just one second to destroy it.

What defines a modern woman in 2019?

For me, this is a woman with a clear understanding of what she wants from life. I also really love people with a great sense of humor.

What is your boldest decision?

Probably, it was a decision to create their own business about a year and a half ago. Every day at Rosie Inc. – This is a new challenge, but every day and reward. Anyone who knows how to create their own business understands that this path is full of ups and downs.

What was the impetus for the creation of Rosie Inc.?

I wanted to create a community of people who love beauty. Makeup was my passion for as long as I can remember, and I noticed how positively friends and subscribers on social networks reacted and turned on when I shared something related to beauty.

They always asked me for advice, were interested in what products I use, and asked to reveal tricks. I really wanted to create a platform where people could come to study, and I could share everything that I learned over the past 16 years of working as a model.

Do you have bouts of self-doubt?

I overcome everything with a powerful support group in the face of my friends, family and team – everyone I see every day. It’s also perhaps important for me to take a break sometimes to talk to myself and find out how I feel and understand how to move forward.

Which woman do you admire?

You know, I think that every woman with whom life brings me has a great inspiring story. As a mother, I look at women who have become mothers. I respect the women who work and manage the house – I love listening to their stories.

Who would you like to be for one night?

Acting on stage Rihanna. I love her, I love her music and I love everything that she advocates. I think this is an incomparable feeling – to speak for the audience and the crowd, looking at you with adoration. I would like to experience something similar.

Do you remember a moment from childhood that aroused your interest in fashion?

I always asked my parents for a Christmas and birthday subscription to the magazine. One of my earliest childhood memories is how I wait for magazines to arrive every month. I remember the excitement from the realization that they will be home when I get back from school – I get out of the school bus and rush home. I eagerly swallowed every page, shared with my mother, and together we reviewed the fashion shoots. It really inspired me, the walls of my bedroom were decorated with cult photos of supermodels from magazine shootings and advertising campaigns.

What is your golden rule when compiling kits?

Usually I start with shoes, and then pick up clothes for her. So if I’m going to dress up, I first choose unusual shoes, and then, most likely, it will be a simple, elegant, but funny and sexy black dress.

You said that makeup is able to transform the image, can you say the same thing about shoes?

Great shoes inspire me so much that in general I prefer to wear rather modest clothes – a shirt with jeans or leather pants with a silk blouse – but I am always ready to take a chance with shoes. Here you can just turn around due to texture, color and gloss. Shoes strongly affect my mood: it is almost impossible to see me without heels, I directly feel how they give me strength, in heels I am ready for a new day fully armed.

When you want to feel domineering, what shoes do you choose?

If you need sexy shoes for the event, it will probably be something patent-leather. The couple that is on me now is a great option for evening events. And for work, I would choose a beautiful pair of matte leather or boots.

How would you describe the Jimmy Choo brand in five words?

British, eclectic, fun, elegant and timeless.

How do you prepare for parties?

My team and I play music, maybe we drink some champagne and have fun dressing up. We come up with something with hair, makeup, a dress. I often find the preparation process more exciting than the event itself, which says a lot.

What defines a good party?

Good company, clockwork music and a great outfit.

How do you popularize your style?

You know, I just always loved fashion, so I liked to watch what designers do.

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