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What does a woman want? To love and to be loved. Realize yourself as a woman, mother, personality, professional. It is not always possible to harmoniously combine all these components. You have to choose between career and family. Biography of Natalia Dolgopolova is an attempt to combine all these implementations.

Natalia was born on March 5, 1984. She was brought up with her brother in a foster family. Without suspecting it, Natalya will prove to her world and her adoptive mother all her life that she is worthy of love – this is a complex of many abandoned and rejected children. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a teacher. She played at school with dolls, taught them and put marks in a journal. And then she entered a teacher training college without even finishing 11th grade.

In parallel with her studies, Natalya gained practical experience, getting a job at school. Therefore, the theory was easy. After graduating from college with honors, the girl entered the Moscow State Pedagogical University. For a short teaching experience, only three years, Natalia Dolgopolova managed to work as a teacher, a pioneer leader, a volunteer in orphanages. She has experience in a private expensive school and in a center for children from dysfunctional families.

That would have been the life of the young teacher, but once, recruiters from a modeling agency approached her on the street and invited her to a casting. Natalia was 22 years old, and, of course, she was interested in trying herself in a new role. Although she did not consider herself a beauty and especially did not think that she could be a model, but curiosity prevailed, and now she is already undergoing selection. The first experience of the model was the participation in the New Year’s corporate party of one company for the construction of bridges.

The girls were dressed up, dressed up and put on the catwalk. In two hours, Natalia earned $ 100. Then it was half the teacher’s salary. This impressed her. But after that, the modeling agency no longer invited her. The quiet life of the teacher continued. But that experience did not give Natalia peace, and now she herself calls the modeling agency in search of work.

She was offered to participate in a beauty contest on television. Natalia won it. But at school, both the colleagues and the parents reacted extremely negatively to the participation of the primary school teacher. The girl decided for herself that she would no longer participate in competitions. But already in the summer holidays she again turned to a modeling agency. When it turned out that she did not have a portfolio, she was offered to take photos for future fees. Natalya Dolgopolova agreed.

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on the cover

She starred in an advertisement for the cover of the magazine, many friends appeared. The girl understood even better that the modeling business is a different world: a lot of people, impressions – all this attracted Natalya. But she didn’t want to part with a dream, because she really liked working with children. Natalia Dolgopolova had to make a choice. She left school, deciding that she could always return to teaching.

Natalia’s life took a different direction: she became more eventful. Natalya Dolgopolova worked as a model for a total of two years. During this time, she managed to try herself as a co-host on television, to act in films and tour Russia as part of the Podium group. Over the year, she visited several countries. Many new acquaintances have appeared. Life promised only benefits.

But all this did not bring her either moral or material satisfaction. And Natalia begins to look for a new job: I no longer wanted to return to school. There were proposals with high salaries, but only in one direction: as secretary or assistant manager. This did not suit the ambitious model. An idea of ​​my own business came. A chubby business card holder came in handy here: at all the events where she had to work, the girl carefully collected business cards and folded them until better times. And now they are useful to her.

Natalia began phoning everyone with a proposal for the selection of models. Fortunately, there were many model girlfriends, and Natalya created her database. Things have gone. However, when there were a lot of orders, the question arose about creating your own modeling agency. Once again, a business card holder helped her: there was an advertising agency where they allocated a small room. Lawyers helped with paperwork. The owners of the IT company helped create their site. All this was done in debt, under loan agreements.

former teacher

Natalia Dolgopolova developed a business plan for a month. To take into account all the nuances, she turned to specialists. And now the business has earned: six months later it went from minus to zero, and another six months later there was a profit. Finally, Natalia found herself. She came in handy pedagogical experience in a clear organization of the matter, the establishment of discipline. Knowing the intricacies of the modeling business helped to avoid many mistakes.

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