Interesting facts from the life of Ana Beatrice Barros
Today, her 33rd birthday is celebrated by one of the most beautiful Brazilian supermodels - ANA BEATRIS BARROS. In honor of the beautiful girl and one of the former “angels”…

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Interesting facts from the life of Ana Beatrice Barros
Today, her 33rd birthday is celebrated by one of the most beautiful Brazilian supermodels - ANA BEATRIS BARROS. In honor of the beautiful girl and one of the former “angels”…

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In the previous article, we introduced you to Mattia Krenza, the winner of the Elite Model Look 2015 in the Netherlands among the guys, and today we want to introduce…

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“I’m 69, and this is just the beginning”: why among the models are more and more elderly

According to the Fashion Spot international forum, the Spring-2018 season has become the most “adult” in the history of the fashion industry: 27 models aged 50 and older walked the catwalks at fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris and London.

The Russian BBC service talked about changing age stereotypes with 69-year-old model Meye Mask, the mother of the famous inventor and businessman Ilon Mask, and also asked industry experts why 50+ women came into the fashion world.

The secret to success is gray hair
“Over the past year I have worked more than in my entire life,” said 69-year-old model Meye Mask in an interview with the BBC Russian service.

The mother of American inventor Ilona Mask began her career as a model at the age of 15 in South Africa, but her peak fell on the last few years: Meie starred for the covers of New York Magazine and Elle Canada, became the face of Clinique cosmetics, and also signed a contract with one of Leading modeling agencies in the world – IMG Models.

69-year-old model and grandmother Meye Musk believes that gray hair played an important role in her career, which she simply stopped painting at one point
Not least of all, Meyer considers her gray hair to be the reason for her career take-off, which at one moment she simply stopped dyeing. But this is not the only sacrifice that the fashionable grandmother and professional nutritionist had to make.

“I have to plan my diet for every day, otherwise I quickly gain weight. I have a British eighth clothing size (Russian 42nd – approx. BBC), I’m not that thin,” she said.

“I’m not afraid of my 70”
Meye Musk is actively publishing photos from filming on his Instagram, where she has almost 90 thousand subscribers.

“Adult models have less competition, as, indeed, work. If you diligently publish your photos, you can get enough subscribers and even get requests for work without castings,” says Meye, who in 2017 became the oldest model in America cosmetics brand Cover Girl.

“Instagram” Maye Musk has turned into a kind of fan club, where under each photo there are thousands of likes and comments:

– Now I’m not afraid of my 70 years.

Thank you so much for an example of how a woman can be effective and beautiful at any age.

“Fashion is changing, and judging by the comments on my Instagram, older women only welcome it,” Meie notes.

Make the image of a pensioner more attractive
“Age ceases to be a reason for embarrassment, the inability to develop and care for yourself, to enjoy life. Fashion captures and conveys these moods,” says Igor Gavar, head of the Moscow model agency Oldushka for people over 50 years old.

Igor Gavar with models of the Oldushka agency
Initially, the Oldushka project was created as a blog about street fashion and the style of Russian pensioners and grew into a modeling agency after Omsk photographer Igor Gavar began to receive numerous requests from photographers, magazines and brands with a request to help find a suitable age model.

Today, the agency has about 20 models aged 46 to 82 years. They pose on the pages of the Central Department Store catalogs, Glamor, InStyle and Numero magazines, stroll along the catwalks of Moscow Fashion Week and star in videos of Russian stars.

Beauty for all time – just a myth?
The amazing life of the 91-year-old beauty queen
“There is a tendency in society to change the image of a pensioner, which is too archaic by modern standards,” Igor notes, adding that the Russian market and the 55+ audience are still eyeing each other.

Image copyright BELOE ZOLOTO
Image caption
Igor Gavar: “My models are muses that inspire women to love themselves.” In the photo: 62-year-old model of the Oldushka agency Valentina Yasen for the filming of one of the collections
Not the last role in this, according to Igor, is played by the fashion industry, which has done a lot to ensure that the image of beauty is associated exclusively with youth.

Are there poor pensioners in Russia: opinion of the Ministry of Labor and facts
“Female beauty is always treated as youth. We want to change this attitude, trying to show that beauty lies beyond the dimensions of“ younger / older, ”he adds.

How it all began
The debut of gray-haired beauties is considered by some as 2015, when creative director Phoebe Filot invited American 83-year-old writer and journalist Joan Didion to become the face of the French luxury brand Celine. In 2017, 73-year-old Lauren Hatton starred for the Calvin Klein lingerie line and walked along the catwalk for the Bottega Veneta brand side by side with the 22-year-old top model Gigi Hadid.

New York University’s 64-year-old professor, Lin Sliter, is the author of the Accidential Icon blog, “For Active Women Who Live a Common Life.”

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