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Interesting facts from the life of Ana Beatrice Barros

Today, her 33rd birthday is celebrated by one of the most beautiful Brazilian supermodels – ANA BEATRIS BARROS. In honor of the beautiful girl and one of the former “angels” VICTORIA’S SECRET, we decided to recall the most interesting facts from her life.

Ana was born in the small town of ITABIRA (MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL), but the childhood of the future model was spent in the capital of BRAZIL – RIO DE JANEIRO, where her family moved. In addition to Ana, the family has two more daughters – Patricia and Maria Luis.

Ana Beatrice’s nickname is FIND.

Currently, the model lives in NEW YORK (USA).

Her best friend is Brazilian supermodel ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO (34), also Ana is friends with GISELE BUNDEN (34), ISABEL FONTANA (31) and ADRIANA LIMO (33).

It flows the blood of the Spaniards, Italians and Portuguese. This mixture of blood gave rise to such a rare and unusual beauty.

The model is 182 cm tall.

Barros’ career began spontaneously – as was the case with most world-class models. Once on the beach, she was noticed by the head of the modeling agency ELITE MODEL MANAGEMENT and invited her to try her hand at modeling. The Brazilian stage ELITE MODEL LOOK, the victory in which gave the novice model the opportunity to try herself in an international competition, was the first competition that opened the door to the world of the fashion industry for the girl.

After a successful debut, Ane was immediately offered cooperation. Her photos were sent to PAUL MARCHIANO, GUESS CEO. At one time, this man “discovered” the world of JOZY MORAN (37) and EVE HERZIGOV (42), so just looking at the photo of the newly made model was enough to designate her as the brand’s face.

A successful start in GUESS had a positive impact on Ana’s career. The second half of the nineties turned out to be quite successful – the model participated in shows and photo shoots of such fashion houses as CHRISTIAN DIOR, ARMANI, CHANEL, and also starred for the covers of leading fashion publications.

In the early 2000s, brands specializing in fashionable underwear drew attention to Anu. In particular, Barros fell into the ranks of the “angels” of VICTORIA’S SECRET.

In 2004, JENNIFER LOPEZ (45) chose Anu as the face of her designer clothing line, JLO LINGERIE.

According to the model, if fate decreed otherwise, she would choose the work of a veterinarian.

Ana has two tattoos – on the lower back and on the ankle. The first depicts wings, the second – a crescent and a star.

Paparazzi and model fans are very interested in whether such a beautiful and famous girl has a chosen one. At one time, the models were credited with an affair with IEN SOMERHOLDER (36), after in the summer of 2013 they starred in a perfume advertisement. However, for several years the girl has been dating a young man named KARIM, who not so long ago made her an offer of marriage.

To be in shape, Ana always devotes time to training. Most of all, she likes fitness, exercises with an expander-harness and horse riding.

For many years now she has been the face of the INTIMISSIMI lingerie brand.

The main adviser in the life of Barros is her mother. “First of all, I consult with my mom. She is my best friend. We are very close: me, my mother and my sisters, ”the model shares.

One thing we know for sure – Ana is a very charming, smiling and completely non-conflict girl. And people closely acquainted with her note that this beauty belongs to that small category of models that, having become famous, have remained real personalities.

Today it is recognized as one of the most popular and sought after Brazilian supermodels. She is best known worldwide as one of the Victoria’s Secret angels.

Ana Beatrice Barros is not just a very beautiful girl with beautiful blue eyes, she is also an incredibly talented model and actress. Ana Beatrice was born on May 29, 1982 in the small town of Itabira, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Today it is recognized as one of the most popular and sought after Brazilian supermodels. She is best known worldwide as one of the Victoria’s Secret angels.

After the birth of Ana (Ana Beatrice has two more older sisters, Maria Luis and Patricia), the Barros family moves to the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. The future supermodel spent all her childhood in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. At the beginning of her career, she moved to New York, USA, where she lives to this day.

Over her not-so-many-year career and rather young age, the girl managed to participate in many advertising companies of various world brands. She worked with the famous “Guess?” and “Christian Dior”, a wonderful brand of jeans “Armani jeans”, mischievous “Oakley” and great “L’Oreal”, funny “Naf Naf” and urban “Diesel”, Italian “Ermanno Scervino” and, of course, everyone known “ Victoria’s Secret ”and“ Chanel cosmetics ”. In addition, Ana Beatrice participated in the show Jennifer Lopez “JLo fashion line”.

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