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We continue to acquaint you with Belarusian models, and today, the professional model from Minsk Victoria Babskaya has come to the center of our attention! For 2 years now, Victoria, a bright star shone on the horizon of fashion, while being a student of the Belarusian Economic University (BSEU) at the Faculty of Marketing and Logistics. Modeling had a positive effect on her life, made Vika more independent and forced her to look at life from a different angle. In an exclusive interview, among other things, the green-eyed beauty shared with us her impressions of her most unforgettable photo shoot; talked about how to be a model; how this profession influenced her, and what qualities must be possessed in order to succeed in this business. We can say with absolute certainty that in the near future this young lady will have great success, so get acquainted with Victoria on Photos-Models.com and stay tuned!

Model data:

Height: 172 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 80-58-85 cm;
Eye color: blue;
Hair color: blonde;
Parent agency: Fashion Models (Minsk).
Photos – beautiful Model Victoria Babskaya

Photos-Models.com: Hello! Tell us about yourself, how did you become a model? How did it all start?

– The director of the Fashionmodels modeling agency drew attention to me. Then she proposed cooperation. This agency is still my parent agency, for 2 years now. I can’t say that before that I was seriously engaged in modeling, there were shootings for gaining experience and for the soul, so to speak.

PM: How has your modeling career influenced your life?

– The career of the model radically changed my outlook on life. I realized how many opportunities actually open for every person. Travels teach you to think bigger, give a huge life experience. It also helped to realize real values. One of the biggest pluses for me is the opportunity to meet new people from around the world. And how wonderful to meet them again and again, but in other places. Cons are, as elsewhere. But if you really want something, then nothing can ever hinder you – the main thing is not to break.

PM: What do you like most about working with photographers?

– Most of all when working with photographers, I like the moment when both of you are crazy about the result of joint work.

PM: What is your most memorable shot?

“The shooting for Men’s Health Italy came to mind right away, perhaps because it was one of the first serious magazines I had to work with. Also, working with the Italian photographer Maurizio Montani became memorable. I believe that I gained valuable experience when working with him, there was an incentive to achieve something more. I began to list in my head what kind of shooting I would like to mention, and I realized that there really are a lot of them! Therefore, I just add that many of them were made in their native Minsk.

PM: What is the secret of your beauty? How do you keep fit and your attitude to sports?

– Sport and proper nutrition are very important. I like to practice yoga, but lately I have mostly confined myself to cardio training, as I travel often, and I need a good trainer to do yoga, which I don’t have time to look for.

PM: What is in your daily diet? Which cuisine do you prefer?

– I am an opponent of all kinds of diets and try to just eat right. Not a vegetarian, but very rarely eat red meat. French cuisine is one of my favorites.

PM: What do you like to do in your free time?

– I like to go to the cinema, travel and explore unfamiliar streets in the campaign of my friends. This is the only way to find interesting, hidden from many people places, cafes, shops. Also, I really like dancing, probably because from childhood I look at my sister, who is a professional dancer.

PM: Plans for the near future?

– The plans are grandiose, but they often change, so we’ll see.

PM: Can you give any advice to those guys and girls who want to become a model?

– The model is simply obliged to have patience, perseverance and a willingness to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including not forgetting about yourself – to develop physically and spiritually. And these are just one of the few qualities that you can become a successful model with.

PM: Life motto?

Everything that is done is for the best!

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