Madalina Genea
The 27-year-old Italian model of Romanian origin, Madalina Diana Ghenea, has a very outstanding history of her popularity. As a child, the girl did not even suspect that in the…

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Danish-born American supermodel Sarah Dianna has long made a name for herself in the modeling industry. She worked with Italian Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Amica, L’Official, Riviera, opened the first…

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Lara Alvarez (Lara Alvarez) - Spanish fashion model, television journalist and TV presenter, known for her stunning appearance, managed to reach great heights at a fairly young age. To see…

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Charming Anastasia Klaffert from South Africa, not only a successful model, but also an aspiring designer of her own clothing line and a business woman who co-founded several companies working in the development of wellness equipment for fitness centers and the production of natural juices. Anastasia travels a lot, which in her opinion is the most pleasant plus in her profession. Her goal is to be able to be in the modeling industry for 14 years, which probably will not be difficult for her, because most of this time, she is already at the peak of popularity in the world of glamor and high heels.

Model data:

Height: 180 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 89-64-93 cm;
Hair color: brunette;
Eye color: brown;
Member of the agencies: Wilhelmina, Ice Models, MD management, Aqua Models.

Modeling: how it all began

When I was 15, I participated in a young model contest, where I was spotted by a scout from the Storm Models modeling agency. Two months later, I was already in Japan and worked on my first contract as a model. After some time, I went to London, and then to several other cities in Europe. It was an amazing, insanely fun time!

How has a career as a model influenced your life?

My career encouraged me to take a different path of life, which I am overly glad. This opened before me many doors and opportunities that, under other circumstances, would not have been available to me. I met a huge number of interesting people, many of whom became my close friends. I can say with confidence that the career of the model completely changed my life!

Tell us a little about your most memorable photo shoot?

In my memory there are a lot of memorable moments from completely different photo shoots with my participation. Once I starred in Greece for a British magazine. The shooting took place at a beautiful waterfall, from where just heavenly landscapes extended! Even the frosty air, which simply burned my skin, could not spoil the impression of this photo shoot, because I had to pose, being only in a bikini swimsuit. Another shot was for a client from France, which took place in India. This was my first trip to India, and I remember posing in front of a camera on the ocean, surrounded by hundreds of smiling fishermen. Everyone laughed and jumped around me. It was a lot of fun! Another was for the American edition, and we shot in Mexico. It was great because on this trip I was accompanied by my husband Dennis, who took me at the end of each shooting day to swim in the ocean, enjoy the gentle sun, and then in the evening, drink margarita and eat tacos with guacamole. I will not exchange these moments for anything!

How would you define your style?

Most of my time I spend in New York, Berlin and Cape Town, so my style ranges from classic to Boho or simple jeans with a sweater, but these are always simple and comfortable outfits.

Could you give some beauty tips to our readers?

Hot Yoga, walks in nature, drinking a huge amount of water, and most importantly – the time that must be allocated for communication with relatives and friends, as this directly affects our mood and state of mind.

What can you recommend for beginner models?

Firstly, the most important thing in the profession of model is professionalism and respect, as well as the correct perception of related events, which often are not in your favor, so it is very important not to take everything too close to heart. Secondly, life should be fun and not monogamous, so be sure to have any other hobbies or an alternative profession outside of modeling, just to not go crazy. If over time you find yourself dissatisfied with this work, then you can leave this business and find something else. And thirdly, life is too short to spend it on work that does not bring you joy and satisfaction, so try yourself in those industries that you dreamed about since childhood.

Plans for the near future?

I always have plans for the future, haha, maybe even too many plans :)! Soon, my husband and I are planning to finally move to New York, where we have already looked after a place for our future home. Ultimately, I always wanted to have my own farm, where I would have enough space to grow my own vegetables and fruits. I like farming. It calms and helps to find harmony with oneself. In addition, I am very grateful to modeling, for all the opportunities that I get: traveling, getting to know creative people and getting new connections for my subsequent ideas related to fashion design and the fashion industry. It also allowed me to become a co-owner of a natural juice company.

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