We continue to acquaint you with Belarusian models, and today, the professional model from Minsk Victoria Babskaya has come to the center of our attention! For 2 years now, Victoria,…

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We are glad to present you the Dutch model Tessa Westerhof! She was born in Den Haag, the Netherlands, and currently lives in London with her boyfriend. In the world…

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Another model from Holland that came to the center of our attention is Fey Langelaan from Amsterdam. The girl recently began her career as a professional model, but she has…

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We are glad to present you a successful professional model from Belarus Kseniya Lipshina! Three years ago, Ksenia fell into the incredible world of modeling and since then her life has changed dramatically – numerous shootings, travels to the most famous fashion capitals and not only, communication with creative people and much more. The Belarusian beauty has already visited the cover of Elle Italia, decorated Vogue pages several times, participated in advertising campaigns of famous brands and made fashion shows at numerous fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London, New York. In addition, Ksenia is a very sociable young girl and maintains her own blog, and also has her own Youtube channel, where she shares her impressions of travel and everyday life of model life. Find out more about Ksenia from her interview below specially for readers!

Model data:

Height: 177 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 86-58-87 cm;
Hair color: brown;
Eye color: brown.

PM: Hello! Tell us about yourself, how did you become a model? How did it all start?

– Good afternoon! It all started in 2012. At that time I was 15 years old. Irina Kozhemyakina, director of Fashion models, sent me a message in social. network Vkontakte, and asked me – I would not want to try myself as a model. This was not included in the list of my childhood fantasies, but I was naive at that time and said to myself: “Why not ?!”, then I went and told my mother about this situation. Mom supported me, deciding that the child needs to develop in different directions and went to the agency’s office with me. There I measured the parameters, and we discussed further prospects – all this, then it seemed to me an illusion. At that time, I lacked a few centimeters in height, but I continued to grow, and as soon as I turned 16, I made my first trip to Italy (Milan).

Ksenia in a commercial for Iodonna magazine:

PM: How has your modeling career influenced your life?

– The career of the model gave me an amazing opportunity to travel the world. It’s so great when you can fall asleep in one place and wake up in a completely different place. You never know what to expect, at any time you may receive an sms: “Ksenia, your e-ticket is in your mail, tomorrow you will fly to Florence (for example).” Well, the second thing that my profession gave me is, of course, an excellent practice of languages. English has always been easy for me, (I can confidently say that I know it well), and in connection with my travels, I began to learn three more completely new languages ​​for me.

PM: What do you like most about working with photographers?

– I really like to communicate with creative people. I always expect full openness from cooperation with photographers and look forward to a sense of humor – it is always simple and easy to work with such pros. Often, in a few hours of shooting, we become so close people that I still maintain friendly relations with many of those with whom I worked. We often go out to the city together for a coffee and discuss interesting new projects.

PM: What is your most memorable shot?

– From each shooting, display, etc. I gain a lot of experience. I do not divide work into good and bad, beloved or not. Each work has its own zest. I can be proud that by the age of 18, I took part in the filming of Vogue magazine (about 3-4 times a month), Elle Italia (where I was even on the cover) many times, 2 months ago my photo hung in in the very center of Milan, at the Duomo Cathedral, I became the face of the Marella brand, did shows at Fashion Weeks and much more.

PM: Do you have any podium experience?

– Experience on the podium, of course, is available. She did FW more than once, she recently participated in the Trussardi Show, and about a month ago she went to the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry brand show (together with a group of French theater actors), which took place in China, etc.

PM: What is your favorite clothing designer? Which style do you prefer?

– The most important thing in clothes is simplicity and convenience. Every year tastes change dramatically. At this stage of my life, I prefer sports classics.

PM: What is the secret of your beauty? How do you keep fit and your attitude to sports?

– Sport is the best way for me to keep fit. I go to the gym with a personal trainer 3 times a week. I like to go for a general massage to keep my skin toned. I move a lot and try not to stay too long at home. I follow a diet and drink plenty of water for a good metabolism and toxins. Once a week I try to visit a beautician to clean my face.

PM: What do you like to do in your free time?

– Since I periodically live abroad, in my free time I like to visit places I have never been to before. I like to swim and often visit the water park.

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We continue to acquaint you with Belarusian models, and today, the professional model from Minsk Victoria Babskaya has come to the center of our attention! For 2 years now, Victoria,…