Evgeniya Fedorova
The Russian model from St. Petersburg, Evgeny Fedorov (Eugenia “Janny” Fedorova) is one of the most versatile modern models. Her sensual gaze and expressive eyes, can charm anyone who looks…

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Best known for films like The Death Factory, Colony, Man Against Nature, and, of course, Grimm, actor Damien Puckler deserves the attention of moviegoers, and if you still don’t know…

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Model Health: Toward New Body Standards
In the second half of the 20th century, models striving to become as thin and elegant as possible began to manifest eating disorders, they were noticed in substance abuse, because…

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Meet another Dutch model from De Boekers agency Teddy Jolie Cluster! She is 20 years old and lives in Amsterdam, in the city in which she grew up and spent all her childhood and growing up, and who loves with all her heart. Teddy is not the only model in the family. Having inherited the ex-model’s mother’s beauty, and having adopted his father’s extraordinary stubbornness, it is not surprising that one of the most popular modeling agencies in the Netherlands, De Boekers, became interested in her. For the first time, Teddy made her debut on the pages of Grazia magazine, which was another step towards success in the modeling business after she graduated from high school. We asked her what qualities must be possessed in order to be a successful model, and she replied – discipline. It seems that Teddy has it all, because from the captain of the school hockey team, she turns into a full-fledged model, ready to devote herself entirely to this career!

Model data:

Height: 175 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 86-62-92 cm;
Hair color: light blond;
Eye color: green.

Your hobbies and greatest passions?

My greatest passion is my work. I want to become a really good international model, and get closer to the success of my idols in this industry – Kate Moss and Erin Wasson.

When and how did you start your modeling career?

My mother was a successful model when she was younger, and she always told me that I should follow in her footsteps, and to start, send my photos to De Boekers. So we did, and now I am happy that I am part of the friendly staff of this agency.

Has a model career influenced your life? If so, then how?

Very, especially, it affected my diet.

I played hockey when I was at school, and represented the school team in competitions, therefore, I needed to eat food as calorie as possible, because this sport requires a huge amount of energy. Now, I need to eat mostly healthy food, and lose a couple of pounds, which has already happened, haha. So I think I’m moving in the right direction.

What are the main campaigns or brands you’ve worked with?

I held several photo shoots for the magazines Grazia, Flair and the shooting for Anna Scott Scott’s fashion clothing lookbook (Aaiko, Alina Doll). I also starred in an advertising photo shoot for the ByPipit jewelry brand.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model?

When I was little, I really wanted to become a firefighter girl, and still work in the Albert Hein supermarket chain, haha. But I also dreamed of being a model and now, my dream has come true.

What qualities do you need to have in order to become a successful model?

The most important quality is discipline.

How do you manage to stay fit and do you have some beauty tips for our readers?

I try to pay maximum attention to my appearance and my body, because, in the end, the development of my career as a model depends on it. Therefore, every two weeks I go to a nutritionist and train with a personal trainer in the gym. My coach perfectly understands what goals I am pursuing, and gives me the types of exercises that are really useful to me. When I don’t have the opportunity to visit the gym, I practice at home, sometimes following the instructions of popular fitness models, watching training videos on DVD.

Mary Kay cosmetics helps me in caring for my skin, in addition, this is a great way to become a financially independent woman, because Mary Kay’s special offers of cooperation can be a good source of income for girls of any age. As a consultant to Mary Kay, you also get the right to a discount on any brand products in the amount of 40%! In addition, it is very convenient for me, given my main work, which opens up great opportunities for me.

What is the only thing you like most about modeling?

Just one thing … ?! Then I choose: meeting and meeting new people!

What is fashion for you, and how would you describe your style?

People always tell me that I look like a hippie. My favorite outfit is Dr. Martens, skinny jeans with high waist, a loose white shirt, a short leather jacket and a small black backpack.

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What makes you laugh and what makes you happy?

My dogs and cat whom I love very much! Also the new Topshop store in Amsterdam and walks in the company of a best friend with my dog ​​Fitch. A year ago, we rested in Cyprus and found a puppy there whom we decided to shelter and took with us to Amsterdam. It is worth noting that my friend is very afraid of dogs, but he is very attached to Fitch. They are always together, and it’s fun to watch.

Where do you get inspiration?

I like to browse fashion magazines, surf the Internet and watch people on the street, sometimes there you can notice a lot of interesting things that can lead to funny ideas.

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Evgeniya Fedorova
The Russian model from St. Petersburg, Evgeny Fedorov (Eugenia “Janny” Fedorova) is one of the most versatile modern models. Her sensual gaze and expressive eyes, can charm anyone who looks…


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