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No, probably, in the world of such a girl who would not dream of becoming a model or actress. Ah women! You, like a moth on a bright little light,…

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Meet the Spanish fashion model Concepcienge Monge from Vitoria, located in northern Spain. The girl has been in the modeling business for several years, and has visited the pages of…

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Best known for films like The Death Factory, Colony, Man Against Nature, and, of course, Grimm, actor Damien Puckler deserves the attention of moviegoers, and if you still don’t know…

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Meet the Spanish fashion model Concepcienge Monge from Vitoria, located in northern Spain. The girl has been in the modeling business for several years, and has visited the pages of such fashion publications as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle (cover), Love Magazine, and has also appeared in catalogs and lookbooks of some cosmetic brands. Concepciène loves her hometown, but most of all she likes Barcelona, ​​where she can be alone with her thoughts, walking along the historic streets of the city. She was not found right on the street, as happens with many guys and girls models, she went to her dream herself, having received only a little motivation from a close friend.

Model data:

Height: 175 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 78-58-89 cm;
Hair color: brunette;
Eye color: brown;
Member of the agencies: Crystal (Paris), Sight (Barcelona), ModelSite (Mexico City), 4Play (Hamburg), ICE (Milan), Claudia Model Management (Bologna / Italy), M.Class (Vitoria / parent agency).

Modeling: how it all began

My family friend worked as a model in one of the agencies in my hometown, called M.Class. She convinced me to turn to their office, because she decided that I had every chance of becoming a model. I decided to try, because, in the end, I did not lose anything. There I met a woman who believed in my potential and contributed to my further advancement.

How has a career as a model influenced your life?

Thanks to the modeling, I can travel around the world, which I really love, because it was my childhood dream. It is also a good opportunity to make interesting acquaintances not only with models, but also with other interesting people who are also part of this business: photographers, make-up artists, stylists, fashion designers, etc. My life has changed dramatically, I’m no longer the shy girl who was a few years ago, now I am an independent and self-confident woman who knows what she wants from life and decisively goes to her goal.

Tell us a little about your most memorable photo shoot?

Good question … I think it happened on my first trip to Bangkok in 2011. On that momentous trip, I was extremely excited because I had to film for Harper’s Bazaar. The team was just wonderful, and a great photographer made me feel very comfortable on the set. They created an amazing image for my photo shoot: an unusual make-up that I had never tried before, a magnificent dress, probably woven from the lightest silk on Earth, a chic hairstyle in which my hair was extended with a hairpin with natural locks of hair, as a result of which, the photos were great! I still keep in touch with all these people.

How would you define your style?

Simple and elegant. The heroes of my wardrobe: jeans, a classic jacket and black high-heeled shoes.

Could you give us some of your best beauty tips?

I just wash my face with soap in the morning, and at night I apply serum for eyelashes and a moisturizer … It’s simple. I can not imagine my life, without Estée Lauder night cream, it moisturizes my skin well, and after applying it, it is really soft and smooth.

As a model, you probably follow your figure. What does your daily diet consist of?

Hearty breakfast, lunch, and small dinner.

For breakfast, I never control myself! I eat everything I want, because I know for sure that I will burn all the extra calories during the day. Often, these are poached eggs and toast with butter and jam, plus coffee or tea, and perhaps a little freshly squeezed juice.

For lunch, I usually eat pasta (Italian pasta), meat or vegetables, and for dinner there is always something light, such as low-calorie soup or fish.

Where do you most like to relax in Barcelona?

I like to walk around the Gothic and Born districts – these are ancient places that store an incredible amount of stories and attract travelers from around the world. For me, this is a magical place where I can be alone with myself. I also like Gaudi Street, which I also like to stroll in the evening. From the modern, this is perhaps Michael Collins – an Irish pub that I often visit in the company of my friends. It is always fun there, live music plays, and delicious drinks are served!

What can you recommend for beginner models?

If this is your dream, then I advise you not to give up and work hard to achieve it! Many people think that if you want something strongly, then you will definitely get it. In modeling, everything is arranged just in this way – you need to have a great desire and strive for your goal, as well as be disciplined, selfless, love and respect your craft, and then you will be guaranteed a place among the top models!

Plans for the near future?

In a few days I’m going to Milan. This is my first trip to this amazing fashion city, and I am very worried about this.

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