Interesting facts from the life of Ana Beatrice Barros
Today, her 33rd birthday is celebrated by one of the most beautiful Brazilian supermodels - ANA BEATRIS BARROS. In honor of the beautiful girl and one of the former “angels”…

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The gorgeous green-eyed beauty from Argentina, Antonela Sabat, is not only a professional model, but also a successful designer! The burning brunette mesmerizes with her languid eyes and thin camp,…

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Daphne Coy
Today, a model and a blogger from the Netherlands came to the center of our attention! Say hello to Dutch beauty Daphne Coy from Dune Agency! Daphne is 18 years…

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The first big job in the career of the Dutch model Vivianne Tess Zvers was shooting in the L’Oréal campaign, where the organizers settled the girl in the most luxurious hotel in Paris. This left a lasting impression on Vivianne, after which, she decided to finally connect her future life with modeling. Her next achievement as a model was shooting with photographer Jerome Duran, who often photographs for Victoria’s Secret.

Model data:

Height: 174 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 81-60-88 cm;
Hair color: blonde;
Eye color: blue;
Consists of agencies: Paparazzi Models (Amsterdam), Photogenics (Los Angeles), Blow models (Barcelona).
Photos – beautiful model

Tell us about your career as a model. How did it all start?

Last year, I sent some of my photos to the Paparazzi Models agency, which didn’t delay the answer, and invited me to come to their office. There I went through a short interview and signed a contract. In the same year, in the summer, I started working as a model! But, despite such luck, I continue my studies, because no one knows how my career will develop and what awaits us tomorrow. Soon, I realized that combining career and study is quite difficult. I had to skip the first week of my testing at the university, going on set to Athens. After returning from Greece, I decided to quit my studies and focus on modeling. It was not an easy decision, but still I accepted it, and did not regret it.

How do you feel in front of the photographer’s lens?

I try not to think too much haha! Of course, sometimes I think over my movements, the poses that I am going to take, but, nevertheless, I always try to behave as naturally as possible, because a good pose is obtained when the movements are spontaneous and come from the heart, and not from the mind.

How would you define your style?

I have always been interested in various outfits, and I pay great attention to my wardrobe. It began as a child, when I was presented with cowboy boots with mini-heels, and I liked the noise they made when walking. From the age of 14 I began to look for jobs as a nanny, and since I had my own funds, I was able to create my own style that I had been dreaming of for so long.

My weaknesses are handbags. Shoes may be a passion for someone, and someone will be delighted with the purchase of a new dress, but handbags, clutches, valises, minodieras have always attracted me, and I can not resist buying what I liked when I visit fashion stores or do shopping online at! My collection of handbags includes more than 20 of the most diverse items that I have purchased in Greece, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Barcelona.

I like feminine clothes that emphasize all the feminine virtues. I often wear high-waisted jeans and dresses, but I also like to dress up in my boyfriend’s jeans and sneakers. Preferring tight-fitting things, in my wardrobe you will not find dimensional sweaters or loose t-shirts. For some, this may seem extremely uncomfortable, but I like that style. Most of my wardrobe is made up of clothing brands: Zara, Asos, Nastygal, River Island and Topshop.

What do you like most about your modeling career?

My favorite part in this profession is the people I meet in the course of my work. Last month I stayed in Barcelona and met amazing people! We spent 4 weeks together and became very close. The worst in my opinion in modeling is when you leave the place of filming and say goodbye to your friends who live in different places around the world. You do not know when you will meet them again … Fortunately, we can keep in touch via Skype or WhatsApp!

Do you have idols in the modeling industry or your favorite movie actors?

Dautzen Croesus! She is an amazing girl, both outside and inside. Her first agency was also Paparazzi Models, and I hope to meet her one day! Another model that also inspires me is the Italian model Bianca Balti. I think she is just super beautiful. She is the face of Dolce & Gabbana, and just love this brand! One of my dreams is to do a fashion show for Dolce & Gabbana once or take part in one of their advertising campaigns.

Of the actors, I like Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee now! I’m a fan of The Maze Runner and look forward to continuing this franchise!

Some beauty tips?

I love sports, and I also do Pilates at home. Before I go to bed, I always cleanse and moisturize my face, and maybe it will sound like a cliché, but you should drink as much water as possible! I always carry a bottle of water with me.

Which city is your favorite, and why?

I love Barcelona! I can roam its streets for long hours.

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