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We present to your attention an amazing girl, a gorgeous model and beautiful Maria Matveeva, from the city of Moscow! A young girl dreams of becoming a fashion designer and is studying for this in the corresponding college, but this also does not prevent her from being a successful model and getting to know the world of fashion from the inside. Maria has already appeared on the pages of Harpers Bazaar, and has also made more than one fashion show within the capital, which entailed an invitation to participate in Fashion Week in Paris. In addition to modeling, Maria is fond of drawing and likes to spend time reading her favorite books and chatting with close friends. If you are interested in this charming young lady, we suggest you get to know her better by reading the interview below, which Maria gave specifically for!

Model Parameters:

Height: 177 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 82-60-89 cm;
Hair color: brown;
Eye color: blue;
Consists of agencies: Lilas Model (Moscow), City Models (Paris).
Photos – beautiful Russian model Mariya Matveeva

PM: Hello! Tell us about yourself, how did you become a model? How did it all start?

Maria: – Hello! My name is Maria Matveeva, now I am 16 years old. I live in Moscow, studying for a fashion designer. In childhood I was always told that I have legs from my ears and that I need to go to the model. Until some time, I could not decide on this, and thought that I did not need it. But at 13, I thought, “why not?” and started looking for modeling agencies in Moscow, so I got to the casting in the agency Lilas Model, which later became my mother. I have been in the modeling business for 2 years.

PM: How has your modeling career influenced your life?

– Of course, this activity influenced my worldview and attitude to life! Minuses, for me personally, are few, for example, that you need to constantly keep yourself in shape, and it is difficult when you like to eat delicious food. In general, for me this is not the main profession, but rather a hobby, so it is difficult for me to fully determine all the negative aspects of this business. As for the positive aspects of this profession, there are a lot of them, and most importantly – I like it!

PM: What do you like most about working with photographers?

– I like the fact that each photographer has his own style and vision of shooting. It’s very cool to see how different you can be in the photo.

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PM: What is your most memorable shot?

– The most memorable shooting was for Harpers Bazaar. I spent the whole day waiting for the shoot itself, but it was great, because for the photo shoot I was made so unlike myself that it caused me a lot of positive emotions! It was a very cool company: funny people who know their job.  We, the models, ate, relaxed and periodically starred – it was great!

PM: Do you have any podium experience?

– Yes, there is experience on the podium. For example, a Pure Vinnie show in Gostiny Dvor. It was very scary for the first time to go to the podium, in front of a huge number of people gathered in the pavilion, and fixed their eyes on the podium on which you go.

PM: What is your favorite clothing designer? Which style do you prefer?

– Since I myself am a beginning designer, I can say that I do not have a certain style, but I prefer classical things in gentle colors. My favorite designer is Christian Ciriano, I really like his creative work and the special design that he follows, creating incredibly beautiful dresses.

PM: What is the secret of your beauty? How do you keep fit and your attitude to sports?

– There is no secret. You just need to take care of the skin, and keep yourself in good shape: eat right and exercise!

PM: What do you like to do in your free time?

“I’m still studying, and so I don’t have that much.” But, nevertheless, this does not prevent me from drawing and reading my favorite books. In addition, I will always find some free time to chat with friends.

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PM: During your career, you have visited many countries and cities. Where did you like the most and why?

– During my career, I never flew anywhere, since initially my father was against flying abroad. For a long time I persistently sought his consent, and now, finally, in September I will fly to Paris for Fashion Week!

PM: Immediate plans for the future?

– For me, the main goal in life is to become a clothing designer, and modeling is relegated to the background.

PM: Can you give any advice to beginner models?

– The most important thing in this area is to never give up and be confident in yourself!

Motto in life:

– There is no limit to perfection.

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