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The Danish model Steen Münch Hansen is a professional fashion model and is a member of Le Management, one of the largest agencies in Scandinavia, with more than 9 branches around the world and a huge staff of professional stylists, makeup artists and photographers. Steen participated in many advertising campaigns and appeared on the pages of many popular publications, including Mango, Asos, Vogue, Schwarzkopf, Oriflame, Grazia. Classically beautiful appearance, high growth, passion for fashion and shopping make her an ideal candidate for the role of a professional model. And there is no doubt that soon, we will be able to observe Steen among the supermodels of our time!

Model data:
Height: 181 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 85-62-92 cm;
Hair color: blonde;
Eye color: green;

Agents: Le Management (Copenhagen / parent agency), View Management (Spain), Next Models (London), Modelwerk, Dominique Models, Elite Models (Stockholm), TFM.
Photos – Steen Münch on the cover of the magazine
Photos – Steen Münch on the cover of Grazia Magazine

Tell us about your career as a model. How did it all start?

I never thought about a career as a model, but my growth and appearance gave me the opportunity to try myself in this business. I took fate into my own hands and contacted the Elite Model agency in Copenhagen myself. It was in 2008, and I did not have to wait long to sign a contract with them. Since then I have been working as a model.

How do you feel when posing in front of the camera?

When I face the lens, I try to give everything 100% and demonstrate my best qualities. Sometimes a client wants to get certain emotions for a photo shoot, and I try to be embodied in this role, and make it as believable as possible, as if I were living it myself.

What do you like and dislike about this profession?

I may repeat the words of many models, but I love traveling! I was so lucky that thanks to my work, I can see so many different countries, get acquainted with the cultures of other nations, see how people live and have fun in distant countries. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I shoot in picturesque places and get an experience that would still remain for me something unknown and distant, if once, I did not believe in myself and did not become a model.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, for example, frequent separation from my family, friends and boyfriend. In addition, the model’s life is often lonely, so Skype is a great cure for loneliness!
Do you have any idols among other models?

I have to admit that I’m just in love with Candice Swanepoel! But who is not in love with her? I also like Emily Ratzkowski.
How would you define your style?

Every time I go shopping with friends, they always point out feminine and elegant clothes with the comment: “This is sooooo good for you!” And I think they are right. My style is feminine, but stylish dresses and sundresses, which I like to enliven a little with a leather accessory, for example, a leather jacket or boots. I like to shop in online stores, this is especially beneficial if you use promotional codes. The most attractive resource for me in this regard was the Lamoda brand clothing store, in which I bought a wonderful summer dress and sandals from Tom Ford, and using the promotional code from ( -brenda /), I got a good discount, and spent it on buying beautiful jewelry. Such boutiques cannot offer modern boutiques, and thereby lose to online stores. The favorite thing in my wardrobe is the leather jacket from InWear, which, incidentally, I also bought at Lamoda. Since I am tall, I basically never wear heels, so I don’t have a passion for shoes. But I have a love for expensive designer handbags. So the other hero of my wardrobe, of course, is a new handbag from Chloe – she can transform any boring outfit.

Give us some of your best tips for looking after your appearance? What is worth paying special attention to?

First of all: get enough sleep, wash your face twice a day, and drink plenty of water! But people often neglect that beauty also comes from within and directly depends on what you eat. Therefore, when you are happy and eat healthy food, you will look much more attractive. As for physical activity, my choice is Pilates. This is a great way to keep your body toned and have elastic skin. In the days when I am not in the mood to do Pilates, I recall the quote: “Have you ever regretted your action? – never! ”

As a model, you travel a lot. Which city did you like the most?

Barcelona! I never get tired of this city and its atmosphere. I think that this city has everything that an outstanding city should have in itself: delicious food and drinks, art, unique shops and the beach!

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