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Seven Rising Model Business Stars

The podium season spring-summer 2020 is in full swing. We offer to monitor not only new collections, but also the rising stars of modeling, whose faces will know everything very soon. Today, to become a successful model, it is not enough just to work hard, you need to have your own world view and be able to defend your point of view. However, you can simply become a Gucci or Celine muse to instantly become recognizable – this method works flawlessly, but it is not always lucky. We spoke with seven young budding models and asked them to try on Vogue branded T-shirts, which can be purchased here.

Tash Ogeare

Age: 19 Homeland: Portland, Jamaica Show: Celine Fall-Winter 2019 Agency: Premier Model Management

Tash Ogeare

Having made its debut at the Celine fall-winter 2019 show, Tash Ogeare has become a real personification of the aesthetics of Edi Slimane – a careless and attractive image of the Parisian bourgeoisie. And she only takes the first steps. A nineteen-year-old girl from Jamaica calls Iman and Naomi Campbell their idols and hopes, like them, “to inspire others on their journey to greatness.”

When and where did you notice? “At the end of 2017, I went to a casting organized by Saint International, one of the best agencies in Jamaica. There I met the owner of the agency, Dave Peters, and he took me to his place without a second’s hesitation. ”

Why did you want to become a model? “My mother inspired me. When I was complex because of my growth, it was she who convinced me that this would help me become a model. She always supported my career choice. ”

Who inspires you, and how did they influence your career? ”For me, Iman and Naomi Campbell were role models. They had a huge impact on the fashion industry, they are both supermodels, both in love with their work and both never gave up, no matter how difficult it is. Their unwavering determination inspires me. ”

The fashion industry is constantly on the move. What would you like to change in it? “In recent years, the fashion industry has begun to pay more attention to cultural, ethnic, social and physiological diversity. It is great that brands are attracting very different models to work, but it still seems to me that this is not enough. I would like to develop this trend. ”

How do you manage to stay positive and keep motivation? “I get so much support from relatives and the manager. Every time I doubt something, they help me stay focused. ”

What advice can you give to those who want to become a model? “You need to be strong, to look for good in everything and always follow your dream!”

Yan Baibun

Age: 24 Homeland: Bangkok, Thailand. Shows: Chanel resort 2019, Chanel spring-summer 2020 (will be her first major show at Fashion Week) Agency: Wilhelmina

Yan Baibun

Thai model is Chanel’s new darling. Her strength is her ability to be different, both on the catwalk and on the set.

When and where did you notice? “Seven years ago, I took part in a model contest in Bangkok. Then I did not fit the criteria, but they called me to the agency. ”

Why did you decide to become a model? “Before my modeling career, I was very insecure. I was the highest in high school and felt very unlike classmates. Working as a model teaches me to be proud of myself. ”

Who inspires you and how did they influence your career? “My role model is Liu Wen. She is an inspiration for many Asian girls dreaming of becoming models. And I am no exception. ”

The fashion industry is constantly on the move. What would you like to change in it? “I would like the very definition of a” model “to change. This is not only thinness and high growth. I would like to see more variety. ”

How do you manage to stay positive and maintain motivation? “Focus on my goals and the ability to do my best every day.”

What advice can you give to those who want to become a model? “Be yourself. Forget about fears and follow the dream. ”

Mitch Green

Age: 26 Homeland: London, UK Shows: Christopher Kane Fall-Winter 2019 Agency: Select Model Management

Mitch Green

Mitch Green participated in the Christopher Kane show last season for a reason: she has self-confidence, quiet and bewitching. This quality is already becoming iconic for models from London. Her personal style – light and careless – is dictated by her favorite fashion finds in vintage stores.

When and where did you notice? ”“ Two years ago at Stanford, at Westfield Shopping Center.

Why did you decide to become a model? “I am for trying a new one. If an opportunity opens up before me, I think, “Why not?”

Who inspires you, and how have they influenced your career? “For me, a role model is every person who is true to himself. I think this is a very simple way to achieve success in any area of ​​life. ”

The fashion industry is constantly on the move. What would you like to change in it? “Change is important, even necessary. “Which way everything is moving now, I like, so let it be so.”

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