Today we want to introduce you to an amazing girl, a talented model and actress Polli Cannabis. From the age of 12 she starred in films and played roles in…

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Anya Kiselyova about the rejection of plastic, vintage and grandmother's scarves
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We present to your attention an amazing girl, a gorgeous model and beautiful Maria Matveeva, from the city of Moscow! A young girl dreams of becoming a fashion designer and…

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The gorgeous green-eyed beauty from Argentina, Antonela Sabat, is not only a professional model, but also a successful designer! The burning brunette mesmerizes with her languid eyes and thin camp, turning her appearance into a dangerous weapon. But you and I have nothing to fear, because in fact, Antonela is a rather sensual person who adores animals and even owns a shelter for homeless pets left without owners and a roof over their heads. But charity is not the only quality that a slender Argentine possesses, Antonela is a talented designer of clothes and interior, creating her clothes according to her own, special technique, without a single stitch with a needle or knitting needle! The girl has repeatedly appeared on the pages of fashion publications, including the cover of Vanidades Chile Magazine, an editorial for Duprre and Marie Claire. Now she is in Munich, where she is busy filming another project!

Model data:

Hair color: brunette;
Eye color: green;
Agencies: VM Group (Argentina / parent), Elite (Chile / Santiago), Contempo (Mexico / Mexico City), Ps (Germany / Munich), Vivianc (Greece / Athens).
Photos – model girl in a swimsuit

Modeling: how it all began

My friends advised me to send my photos to a modeling agency, and try myself as a model. Honestly, then, I did not particularly like this idea, but I did it, first of all, for fun. And to my amazement, they became interested in me!

How has your career influenced your life?

In addition to the fact that thanks to modeling I became more financially independent, I acquired a huge baggage of knowledge, positive emotions and creative ideas.

Tell us a little about your most memorable photo shoot?

All the photo shoots that I held were in their own way special for me. Each shooting is distinguished by its manner of conducting, location, team, outfits and so on. They give me a unique experience and pleasant memories. One of my favorite shoots was for Marie Claire magazine, in which I portrayed the idol of fashion and beauty Sophia Loren!

How would you define your style?

I really like the clothes of independent designers, which are not put on mass production and are somewhat unique and avant-garde. And in my wardrobe you will not find leather and natural fur products, because I oppose killing animals for clothing or other human needs! The heroes of my wardrobe are multiple rock and roll dresses, stilettos, tops, ripped jeans and spiked boots.

Give some tips to keep you fit and looking good?

To always be in a good mood, you should often walk in the fresh air, eat healthy foods and use natural cosmetics, since all this affects our internal organs, in addition, such products are environmentally friendly and do not pollute the environment.

As a model, you probably follow your figure. What does your daily diet consist of?

I am currently a vegetarian. In the morning, I eat vegan bread, a bowl of fruits, and nuts without gluten. For lunch, I am preparing a salad consisting of watercress, dill, tomatoes, avocados, olives, capers, celery, lentils and eggs. For dessert, I usually eat fruit and drink herbal tea. As an appetizer, in the afternoon, I usually drink green tea with a few slices of grilled vegan bread and fruits. And last, for dinner, I always cook something light.

What can you recommend for beginner models?

To start a modeling career, the most important thing to have is self-confidence – you can learn everything else as you become acquainted with modeling. The more you are in this environment, the more you will learn. Being a professional is very important, you should also always have a positive attitude and not be upset over trifles. The presence of additional knowledge and skills is also welcomed – this may contribute to your further development as a multifaceted personality.

See also: Argentinean fashion model Thomas Guarrachino.

Plans for the near future?

I would like to continue strengthening my model career, as well as working as a fashion designer or interior designer. At the moment, I make clothes without the use of needles or knitting needles, only with the help of one finger! This is a very interesting technique. I also have an idea to realize myself as a singer. I am very happy about this! In addition, more recently, I opened a shelter for homeless animals and intend to continue to do this.

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