Evgeniya Fedorova
The Russian model from St. Petersburg, Evgeny Fedorov (Eugenia “Janny” Fedorova) is one of the most versatile modern models. Her sensual gaze and expressive eyes, can charm anyone who looks…

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Brazilian fashion model Lorena Maraschi has always dreamed of becoming a model. She was just five years old, she watched her first fashion show on TV, then she decided that…

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Meet the stunning Dutch model Melanie Norder, who recently signed her first contract with the Innocence Model agency and is ready to light a new star in the sky of…

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Femke Elsing is a young Dutch model who is still in school at the moment. Besides modeling, she also works a lot with children as a nanny and animator at the campsite. Femke hopes that she will succeed in making a successful modeling career after she graduates. Her baggage of modeling experience is not so great yet, but the girl has already shown herself at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, and also held several beach photo shoots where she starred for a lookbook of fashionable clothes. Femke is fond of fighting dances, likes to ride a bicycle, ice skating and hiking. Read an interview with Femke and find out more about this young and talented girl!

Model data:

Height: 178 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 77-63-89 cm;
Hair color: brown;
Eye color: blue-green;
Consists of agencies: Elite (Amsterdam), New York Models Management (New York).
Photos – Dutch model

Modeling: how it all began

When I was just 14, I went to my home economics fair in Amsterdam with my mother. It sounds silly, but actually it’s pretty fun there! We walked past the booth with some photographs of the models, and stopped for a minute to better examine these pictures, when suddenly a lady next to the booth asked me if I ever thought about becoming a model and offered to participate in the Model Convention. It was rather unexpected, and at first my mother and I were a little confused. But after calling my dad and thinking for a moment, I decided to sign up for it, a kind of competition where girls and boys who wanted to become a model walked the catwalk to representatives of agencies from all over the world, which was to be held at this very fair. In the end, I received a few positive reviews and scored enough invitations from the institutions that interested me after I attended. After some time, I was invited to ModelCamp (from Fresh Model Management), and on the same day they signed a contract with me! Last December, Fresh Model teamed up with Elite Amsterdam, so I’m currently on the Elite Models.

What happens in your head when you pose in front of the camera?

I’m thinking about what should I eat after the end of filming. Haha, joking, of course! Honestly, I don’t really burden myself with thoughts while being in front of the photographer’s lens. To get a good shot, you must completely surrender to the mood and your body, which itself will tune into the necessary wave. But the goodies are always in my thoughts, haha!

What do you like and dislike about modeling?

In fact, I like a lot in this profession! I love traveling, I like to stand in front of the camera or walk on the catwalk. I also love working in a team that is different every time, so you can meet a bunch of people and make new friends around the world. What I don’t like is the frequent separation from my family, friends, and my cat. Fortunately, we have internet and skype!

Are there any models in the industry that you would like to be like?

It probably sounds like a cliché, but I’m a big fan of Dautzen Croesus. She is also from Friesland and I admire her, especially the way she combines modeling and motherhood. I think that she makes a huge contribution to the development of modeling and inspires many young girls!

How would you define your style?

I would say that my style is more casual. But I have a lot of things, so it changes from month to month. The favorite thing in my wardrobe is, of course, black high-heeled shoes! They are incredibly comfortable and versatile. I hope they last me a long time, although I am considering buying a spare pair.

Which city is your favorite and where do you like to relax?

This is a difficult question! Each city has its own beauty. But you must visit Rome, it is amazing, and unlike any other city.

What do you think is the key to success for the model? What qualities do you need to be successful?

Good attitude towards others. No one likes working with arrogant models who complain about something all the time. You need to be polite, and most importantly – yourself.

What are your plans for the near future?

I’m currently in high school, so for now, this is my number one priority. I hope that next year I will successfully complete my studies and go full time as a model. I have no specific goals, to achieve high status in this business, I am just happy, to get the opportunity to do what I like! See what the future brings!

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