Anya Kiselyova about the rejection of plastic, vintage and grandmother's scarves
By the beginning of this Moscow spring, when I want to fall in love, to become the best version of ourselves, we decided to meet with an adherent of conscious…

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Nastya Lavrischeva
Meet the 20-year-old Belarusian model Nastya Lavrishcheva from FL Model! Despite her young age, she already took part in shows, photo sessions, and most recently, visited her first working trip…

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Seven Rising Model Business Stars
The podium season spring-summer 2020 is in full swing. We offer to monitor not only new collections, but also the rising stars of modeling, whose faces will know everything very…

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Meet the model Maria Antonia Vittali, which flows Italian, Spanish and Asian blood, which means her temperamental character and passion. The girl is a member of the modeling agency Apple Model Management, and has a fairly large experience in the modeling business, which she has been in since 2008. Having a beautiful figure, Maria plays a lot in advertising underwear and swimwear, however, she also works as a promo model for presentations and promotions. Among her works, the most significant can be noted: BMW Bike China and the campaign for LUVMYDRESS. At the moment, a sexy brunette is in Manila, where she is busy on the set of the next advertising project.

Model Parameters:

Height: 179 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 84-61-89 cm;
Eye color: brown;
Hair color: dark brown.
Photos – beautiful asian in lingerie

Tell us about your career as a model. How did it all start?

I started with Glamor Modeling, where I collaborated with many talented photographers. After that, she worked as a freelancer and mainly starred in advertising for underwear and swimwear.

How do you feel when you are in front of the photographer’s lens?

I feel the tremendous energy that arises in the studio, thanks to the coordinated work and mood of the whole team. I try to do my best to achieve the set result, and at the same time, leave a piece of myself in the picture, thereby making it unique. I am always ready to learn and learn new facets of the art of posing and photography!

What do you like and dislike most about the profession of model?

Communication with good people is always a positive part in any profession, especially in its social component. I can learn a lot from them and share some knowledge in return. In addition, I made a lot of new friends after I got into the world of modeling. I was really very lucky, and I am glad that my life has developed in this way!

Do you have any idols among other models?

I admire the style and discipline of models such as Adriana Lima, Kate Moss and Emily Ratzkowski. They manage to find harmony with their body, to be always on top both in life and on the covers of magazines. In addition, I do not cease to admire their contribution to the overall development of the modeling industry!

How would you define your style?

In fact, my style is based on my experience and comes from within. I like to wear clothes in which I feel confident, attractive and comfortable. At work, I wear casual clothes or, if necessary, something more classic in pastel colors. I buy most of my clothes in online stores, which has now become a kind of trend among shopping enthusiasts. The other day, I bought myself a great swimsuit using the promotional codes, and saved a lot on the purchase. I like beautiful underwear and unusual swimwear in the style of Agent Provocateur, so I often replenish my wardrobe with this integral attribute of women’s clothing.

Give some tips on how to stay fit?

I advise girls to never go to bed with makeup, even if you tumble down and your eyes close, be sure to rinse your makeup with warm water or a special makeup remover. And take a cool shower twice a day, it is very beneficial for your skin. As for physical activity, it is important to choose the right exercises that are most suitable for you. Do more stretching exercises, this will make your body flexible and your skin supple. Eat right: eat vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meats and less fatty foods. At least occasionally, do jogs in the morning or in the evening when you have free time.

Which city is your favorite and why?

I love Nagoya, a beautiful, small town in Japan, because my family lives there, and it is very vibrant and vibrant compared to other Japanese cities. Its amazing wide and green streets, parks and buildings are not at all like classical Japanese architecture.

I also love Helsinki, due to its unique nature and lakes. I like to be there every summer. When I arrive there, I feel really good! I am filled with the energy of pure nature, which can be admired indefinitely. In addition, there I have close friends there, and I also love the culture of this country.

Hong Kong and Shanghai are also wonderful cities. I lived there for a long time, once upon a time. And there are places too, visiting which I feel at home. When during the work, some stress accumulates in me, I go to Shanghai, and return a rested, completely new person!

What is the secret to success in the modeling business?

In this highly competitive industry, no matter who you are or what you do. It also doesn’t matter what experience you have. Here, a whole set of skills and abilities is important, in a compartment that can distinguish you from the rest.

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