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Today we want to introduce you to an amazing girl, a talented model and actress Polli Cannabis. From the age of 12 she starred in films and played roles in…

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Chinese supermodel Ming Xi (Mengyao "Ming" Xi) was born on March 8, 1990 in Shanghai. Her playfully protruding ears and prominent cheekbones have become the hallmark by which a girl…

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Today we want to introduce you to an amazing girl, a talented model and actress Polli Cannabis. From the age of 12 she starred in films and played roles in theatrical studio performances, but when a break occurred in the movie career, Polly decided to try her hand at the modeling business. After moving to Moscow from her native Belarus, confident in her success, she went to storm the modeling agencies. Now Polly is under the wing of Indastria Models in Milan and FashionStars in Moscow, participates in numerous shootings, makes fashion shows on domestic and European catwalks, travels and enjoys the life of a professional model. She loves to experiment with her image, loves branded things, considers Cara Delevingne to be her idol, and in her free time she loves to read and relax in the friends’ campaign. Want to get to know this bright young lady? Then read the Polli Cannabis interview exclusively for below!

Model Parameters:

Height: 179 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 84-60-89 cm;
Eye color: gray;
Hair color: brown.
Photos – Model Polly Cannabis Hello! Tell us about yourself, how did you become a model? How did it all start?

Polli Cannabis: – At the age of 14 I graduated from a modeling school, but they didn’t take me to the agency because of growth – they told me to grow up and come back in a year. In my 15 years I dyed my hair green. We did terribly creative subcultural images and photographs. And after 4 years I moved to Moscow, went to a modeling agency and started working as a model.

How has a career as a model influenced your life?

– I learned to understand brands and clothes, I began to pay a lot of attention to hair, nails, skin. Everyone said that she was very thin, but I lost another 8 kg.

What do you like most about working as a model, and what qualities, in your opinion, should a real model have?

– The model should be positive and sociable. In addition to parameters, growth, appearance, ability to walk and pose, to be an interesting, pleasant living person and be able to have to oneself. In general – to differ from the mass.

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What is your most memorable shot?

– My first shooting in Milan for a lookbook was very memorable for me due to the light environment on the site, when everyone plays, jokes, interacts, lives. Well, as for the images, I would single out the shooting of Dmitry Vasilyev for his exhibition, when they sprinkled me with sparkles so much that they were not washed off even with hot water and soap.

Do you have any podium experience?

– Most of the shows I did for Moscow Fashion Week, I also took part in international beauty contests in the Dominican Republic and Turkey, where there were wonderful outlets in designer outfits.

What is your favorite clothing designer? Which style do you prefer?

– Of the dresses and handbags, I recently like Valentino. In everyday life, I like to wear Versace, Cavalli, Armani – depending on the collection. I love brands of the first magnitude. As for creativity, I love the McQueen and Victoria Secret shows.

Do you have an idol among models or celebrities whom you are following?

– I like Cara Delevingne for her professional approach to building a career.

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How do you keep fit and your attitude to sports?

– The best sport for me is diet. Well, no one canceled 5-10 km on foot every day. These walks help keep you fit.

What do you like to do in your free time?

– In my free time, I prefer to go to the club with friends. I love to try the cuisines of different countries and expensive wines. I also sometimes visit museums, galleries, exhibitions, and spend time reading books by my favorite authors.

Photos – Russian model Polly Cannabis in a black and white photo shoot

During your career you have managed to visit many cities and countries. Where did you like the most and why?

– In terms of building a modeling career, I would single out Milan, because the people here are very simple and positive. They are as they are. Of the minuses – Italians are too emotional. 20 messages and 5 calls in 1 minute is the norm.

Immediate plans for the future?

– The next trip I plan to Thailand or Shanghai, I want more work with magazines. As for studies, I would like to get an MBA education abroad.

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Can you give any advice to novice models?

– Advice for beginner models is very simple – be sure to go abroad when you are offered a contract. The sooner the better.

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