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Daphne Coy

Today, a model and a blogger from the Netherlands came to the center of our attention! Say hello to Dutch beauty Daphne Coy from Dune Agency! Daphne is 18 years old, she was born and lives in Utrecht, where her modeling career began. The girl began to work as a model at the age of 15, this was the very moment when her life changed dramatically, and changed in a positive sense. In her interview, Daphne shared her experience gained over 3 years of modeling business, also talked about her blog and revealed several beauty secrets.

Model data:

Height: 174 cm;
Chest-Waist-Hips: 83-62-88 cm;
Eye color: blue;
Hair color: brown;
Agencies: Dune Agency (Netherlands / parent), 2morrow Model (Milan), London Mgt group (Sydney), Uniko (Barcelona), Body & Soul (Hamburg), IMM Europe (Dusseldorf), Le Management (Denmark / Sweden) , Modelfabrik (Berlin).
Hello! Tell us about yourself in a few words?

Hello! My name is Daphne Coy, I am 18 (almost 19) years old, and I have been working as a model for some time. I love to travel and share my impressions with others, in addition, I have my own blog where I write about modeling, food and lifestyle. I like to spend time with friends and family, it makes me happy.

How long have you been working as a model, and how has this affected your life?

This happened when I was 15 years old, so I have been in this business for almost 4 years. He really changed my life (in a good way)! First of all, this was manifested in my desire to do more sports, pay attention to my health and eat healthy food. No matter how my fate develops in the future, I will continue to adhere to this course.

Surely you traveled a lot during your work trips. Where did you like to be the most?

Absolutely right! I traveled a lot last year! The last city I was in last time was Barcelona. I look forward to getting back there again. I just fell in love with this city!

What qualities do you need to have in order to become successful in the modeling business? Advise something for beginners?

I think it is very important to be confident in yourself and stay true to yourself and your principles. Never starve yourself and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, use every chance that fate gives you, and be yourself, communicating with people. To become a model and be successful in this business, it is not enough to possess only good external data, you must be a person. Constantly work on yourself, work hard and love your profession. This is all that may depend directly on you. And remember that you should not take to heart the cases when the client did not approve your candidacy at the casting. Most likely, you simply do not match the desired type. It is just a business where there is nothing personal.

You have an amazing blog! Tell me more about him?

Thanks! It is located at daphnekooy.nl, where I write about my model life, healthy eating and much more. I like to bake pies and cakes that are really healthy, learn new recipes and try myself as a nutritionist. I want to show people that healthy food can be tasty and healthy! You do not have to go hungry to lose weight and I want people to know about it! You can eat well and still enjoy good food! I also want to show something from my personal life, share my experience as a model and as a fashion expert.

How do you keep fit? What kind of sport do you practice, perhaps you have any secrets how to always be beautiful?

I train 4/5 times a week, while combining cardio and weight training. Basically, I do 30-45 minutes of cardio, after which I spend 45-60 minutes on strength exercises. I always control my diet, which has enough protein to nourish my muscles after exertion. I try to eat exclusively fresh products (fruits, vegetables), as well as those foods that contain healthy fats and proteins. Regarding beauty tips: use high-quality cosmetics, such as smashbox, which is able to nourish your skin and monitor its Ph; always cleanse your face before going to bed, even if you do not wear makeup; get your calories from food, but not from drinks, because carbohydrates contained in liquids are poorly absorbed and can become a source of various diseases. So drink only water, green tea and coffee.

Was modeling a dream come true for you?

Undoubtedly! Initially, I did not even think about modeling, but when I turned 14, I became interested in the modeling business. I like to travel, and to visit different parts of the world has always been my dream. I think that modeling is a great way to implement it: to visit different places every time and meet interesting people.

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