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Lara Alvarez (Lara Alvarez) – Spanish fashion model, television journalist and TV presenter, known for her stunning appearance, managed to reach great heights at a fairly young age. To see her popularity, you can visit Lara’s Twitter and Instagram page, where hundreds of thousands of people are fans of her work.

Lara was born on May 29, 1986 in Spain. After graduating from Transformed Gijón High School in her hometown of Gijón (an industrial city and port in northern Spain), she entered the Villanueva College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Career of TV presenter and journalist
Her career as a TV presenter began at the age of 19 on a local TV channel as a news anchor, facilitated by her college teacher. After that, she was invited to conduct sports programs, as well as become a commentator on football matches. In December 2010, she joined the Sixth Sports Channel, where she acted as a TV presenter, correspondent and sports commentator. Laura several times moved from one sports channel to another, among others, the most popular Marca TV (2010-2011), Cuatro (2011-2012, 2015), Telecinco (2012-2013, 2015-), La Sexta (2010-2011) , 2013-2014), Antena 3 (2014). Broadcasts in which Alvarez was a TV presenter: Marca gol (2010), Tiramillas (2010-2011), Deportes la Sexta (2010-2011), Quéieres que te diga (2011), Deportes Cuatro (2011-2012), MotoGP (2012 2013), Jugones (2013-2014), En el aire (2014), Espejo público (2014), Todo va bien (2015), Supervivientes (2015-), Gran Hermano 16.

After the successful launch of a career leading on TV, the girl secured the status of the “hottest brunette”, thanks to numerous photo shoots for various catalogs and periodicals, where she posed in only underwear. Her charming figure and naive look immediately conquered thousands of male hearts, after which the road to show business was open to her. Being in the television business, Alvarez immediately gained fame as the highest TV presenter on Spanish TV – with a growth of 1.78 cm. Since then, Lara’s television experience has grown significantly, and now she works on prestigious national and international television channels. In a career spanning more than a decade, Alvarez has been awarded countless awards for her achievements in the field of TV, and has also been recognized as one of the most famous sexiest women television presenters in the world.

Fashion Model Career
Such a merit pushed her to seriously consider the prospect of becoming a bikini model, and now Lara’s numerous photos are evidence of her magnificent body. Along with the growth of the army of fans on social networks, her rating as a TV presenter also increased, which increased her fees. This allowed her to purchase a luxurious house, which she had dreamed of since childhood, which she spent in fairly modest conditions, deprived of most material wealth.

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The ever-changing image of Alvarez made her a desirable model for many popular photographers and glossy publications, including Mujer Hoy Magazine (cover), Elle (cover) and Vogue (editorial). Thus, thanks to her impeccable appearance and talent for reincarnation, Lara Alvarez became widely known in the world of modeling.

Her work inspired many young actresses to take a more active part in world media. One of her greatest followers is model and actress Michelle Keegan.

One of his most famous works, besides journalism and a sports TV presenter, was his participation in the 2006 MTV ad, “I Love You, Laura,” which also included Los Happiness.

Personal life
Given the incredible attractiveness, the personal life of the beauty is not as stormy as it might seem at first glance. At different times, Alvarez met with some Spanish actors, as well as football player Sergio Ramos. For some time, the media discussed Alvarez’s alleged romance with Spanish actor and screenwriter Angel Martin until her relationship with Formula 1 racer Fernando Alonso surfaced.

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Photo – model Lara Alvarez and Fernando Alonso
Lara Alvarez and her new boyfriend Fernando Alonso.

After the fans found peace after numerous gossip and rumors around the 29-year-old model, her relationship with Alonso turned from a bud into a flower. They often began to appear together at various events, thereby finally dispelling the veil of secrets around the personal life of the model and the rider. Now that the couple’s relationship has become known, Lara fans are waiting for the announcement of the wedding date, hoping that Alvarez will take the name of his boyfriend – Alonso.

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