Another model from Holland that came to the center of our attention is Fey Langelaan from Amsterdam. The girl recently began her career as a professional model, but she has…

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Evgeniya Fedorova
The Russian model from St. Petersburg, Evgeny Fedorov (Eugenia “Janny” Fedorova) is one of the most versatile modern models. Her sensual gaze and expressive eyes, can charm anyone who looks…

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Madalina Genea
The 27-year-old Italian model of Romanian origin, Madalina Diana Ghenea, has a very outstanding history of her popularity. As a child, the girl did not even suspect that in the…

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How famous models relieve stress

From the side, the model’s work is more like an eternal holiday – fashion shows, luxurious clothes and fun parties. But behind these joys are endless flights, a debilitating regime and constant stress. To cope with all the difficulties that this business has, girls often arrange themselves “wellness breaks” when they can turn off the phone, go to the box or eat their favorite cookies without remorse. We tell how models relieve stress in their free time from filming and shows.

Infrared sauna. Bella Hadid
When Bella Hadid returns home from New York after constant travels around the world, she immediately goes to the famous celebrity studio Higher Dose to “soak in the rays” of an infrared sauna. In addition to Bella, many models adore the procedure, which is not surprising, since thanks to the thermal effects of infrared radiation, the immune and nervous systems are strengthened, collagen production is stimulated and skin condition improves.

Inversion therapy. Julia van os
The Dutch model Julia van Os has her own relaxation methods – the girl prefers inversion therapy. During it, you hang upside down on a special simulator. As Julia van Hos herself writes on Instagram, the advantages of such an unusual pastime are enough. Inversion therapy helps to “stretch” the spine, eliminates back pain, increases oxygen supply to the brain, improves blood circulation and the condition of joints, and also increases flexibility.

Digital detox. Carolyn Murphy
“It takes discipline not to pick up the phone every time a new notification arrives. I usually spend digital detox for two weeks. It seems to be difficult, but when you reunite with yourself and nature, read books – time flies very quickly. I need such pauses without a phone, ”the model says.

Massage with gouache plate. Carly Kloss
“For me there is nothing better than facial massage with a gouache plate. After the procedure, the muscles relax, blood circulation and the functioning of the lymphatic system improve. I especially recommend doing this massage after a long flight, when the skin is dehydrated and loses its tone, ”Carly advises.

Thai boxing. Luna Bill
The Dutch model Luna Biil relieves stress and maintains a chic shape with the help of Thai boxing, or, in other words, Muay Thai – a discipline previously intended for the Thai military. The beauty is training at Renzo Gracie Academy in New York under the supervision of PJ MacMahon. It seems that a fragile model can even give odds to even the most experienced fighter.

Vegan Chocolate Chips. Gigi Hadid
Unlike his sister, Gigi does not go to the infrared sauna, but to the supermarket. But it is worth noting that useful treats help relieve stress patterns. “I’m not a fan of gluten-free foods, unless they taste like Bakeology’s chocolate chips. When I eat these cookies, I mentally go to childhood. And, as a nice bonus, the chips are vegan, ”says the model.

Running and Epsom bath. Christy Turlington
Christy Turlington is a famous lover of kilometer races. After a long run of the model, the Epsom salt bath, a special salt from the eponymous spring in England, helps to relax. The procedure instantly calms the nervous system, relieves pain in the muscles and promotes the production of serotonin – a hormone that improves mood.

EMS training. Carolyn de Megreux
French women know not only how to create an impeccable image with jeans, but also how to conduct a workout equivalent to four hours in a gym in 20 minutes. The answer is EMS training. These are exercises in special suits with electrical stimulation, thanks to which the muscles are worked out five to six times more efficiently. As the Frenchwoman admits, she is not a fan of the gym, so this alternative is an ideal option for her. By the way, Carolyn is engaged in the Paris studio BodyHit.

Yoga before bedtime. El MacPherson
“I go to bed at a maximum of ten in the evening. If the day was not very successful and I am upset, then yoga helps me to recover, namely asana viparita karani. The name is more complicated than the pose itself – lying down, I just stretch my legs parallel to the wall and hold them like that for five minutes. This evening ritual calms well, ”says the Australian model.

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