Anya Kiselyova about the rejection of plastic, vintage and grandmother's scarves
By the beginning of this Moscow spring, when I want to fall in love, to become the best version of ourselves, we decided to meet with an adherent of conscious…

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One of the successful models of the “plus size” format, Iskra Lawrence, made a name for herself in the modeling industry thanks to her curvaceous forms and positive attitude towards…

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Meet the model Maria Antonia Vittali, which flows Italian, Spanish and Asian blood, which means her temperamental character and passion. The girl is a member of the modeling agency Apple…

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Medet Shayakhmetov about shooting videos, freedom of expression and dislike to leave home

I am human. Artist. And of course, the director. Most of all my creative abilities appeared in directing.
“Clip maker” is a very strange word. How do you identify your profession?
Answering the previous question, I just wanted to say that I do not classify myself as one profession. I do not want to limit myself. It will be, first of all, wrong. And secondly, it will not be true. I write scripts, come up with concepts, shoot, mount, draw. For example, I can make a music video almost completely. But at the same time I call myself a director, because there is no more suitable word. And these are all shortcuts that you don’t want to hang on. Why limit yourself?
In 2020, modern man in general can only classify himself
to one profession?
It seems to me that for a modern person, one of the main talents for career development is the ability to communicate. Everything in the world now revolves around communication, and it is built on mutual understanding. And communication skill just implies that you can understand other people and convey your opinion to them in such a way that they also understand you. And it seems to me that you can learn to communicate with people all your life. Continue reading

Seven Rising Model Business Stars

The podium season spring-summer 2020 is in full swing. We offer to monitor not only new collections, but also the rising stars of modeling, whose faces will know everything very soon. Today, to become a successful model, it is not enough just to work hard, you need to have your own world view and be able to defend your point of view. However, you can simply become a Gucci or Celine muse to instantly become recognizable – this method works flawlessly, but it is not always lucky. We spoke with seven young budding models and asked them to try on Vogue branded T-shirts, which can be purchased here.

Tash Ogeare

Age: 19 Homeland: Portland, Jamaica Show: Celine Fall-Winter 2019 Agency: Premier Model Management

Tash Ogeare

Having made its debut at the Celine fall-winter 2019 show, Tash Ogeare has become a real personification of the Continue reading

How famous models relieve stress

From the side, the model’s work is more like an eternal holiday – fashion shows, luxurious clothes and fun parties. But behind these joys are endless flights, a debilitating regime and constant stress. To cope with all the difficulties that this business has, girls often arrange themselves “wellness breaks” when they can turn off the phone, go to the box or eat their favorite cookies without remorse. We tell how models relieve stress in their free time from filming and shows.

Infrared sauna. Bella Hadid
When Bella Hadid returns home from New York after constant travels around the world, she immediately goes to the famous celebrity studio Higher Dose to “soak in the rays” of an infrared sauna. In addition to Bella, many models adore the procedure, which is not surprising, since thanks to the thermal effects of infrared radiation, the immune and nervous systems are strengthened, collagen production is stimulated and skin condition improves.

Inversion therapy. Julia van os
The Dutch model Julia van Os has her own relaxation methods – the girl prefers inversion therapy. During it, you hang upside down on a special simulator. As Julia van Hos herself writes on Instagram, the advantages of such an unusual Continue reading

The most popular models from the post-Soviet space at spring-summer 2020 shows

With the end of the Fashion Week season, new catwalk stars appeared. Among the main events of the season are Burles exclusive Alesya Kafelnikova, who decided to take up her modeling career again, the podium debut on the Gucci show Vari Berastsen, as well as the triumph of other young models from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. We decided to talk about seven promising girls who are waiting for a great future. They shared with Vogue plans, stories of their journey into the modeling business and the most vivid impressions of the shows.

Ales Kafelnikova (@kafelnikova_a)
20 years old, London — Moscow Avant Models Exclusive Burberry, Isabel Marant, Moschino, Chanel

“Six years ago, Julia Shavyrina wrote to me on Facebook, somehow seeing my photos with Marat Safin and his then girlfriend Ani, who also worked as a model. As a child, I first dreamed of becoming an actress, then a musician, and then I wanted to become a model business. This is my first season, and the most vivid impressions, of course, remained after the exclusive Burberry. I learned about the offer when I was at work in China, but then I still could not believe it. I didn’t particularly understand what it means to work exclusively for the brand, and now, having already signed the Continue reading

“I directly feel the heels give me strength” – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has time for everything: to develop the Rose Inc. project, raise her son with her husband Jason State and successfully continue her modeling career. In the current cruise season, Rosie became the face of the Jimmy Choo – In My Choos campaign, and on this occasion we decided to talk with the supermodel about business and parties, childhood and ways to feel like a domineering woman.

What were your first childhood ambitions?

My childhood dream was to become an artist.

The best advice you have been given?

I got a lot of good advice in my life, but I think that there is one that has stuck in my head forever, and it sounds like this: it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and just one second to destroy it.

What defines a modern woman in 2019? Continue reading

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Medet Shayakhmetov about shooting videos, freedom of expression and dislike to leave home
I am human. Artist. And of course, the director. Most of all my creative abilities appeared in directing. “Clip maker” is a very strange word. How do you identify your…


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