Danika Voychuk is a young and successful model from Canada. She was born in Montreal (Quebec), but is currently in Mumbai (India), where she is engaged in regular photography. Danica…

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Nastya Lavrischeva
Meet the 20-year-old Belarusian model Nastya Lavrishcheva from FL Model! Despite her young age, she already took part in shows, photo sessions, and most recently, visited her first working trip…

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Best known for films like The Death Factory, Colony, Man Against Nature, and, of course, Grimm, actor Damien Puckler deserves the attention of moviegoers, and if you still don’t know…

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pioneer leader


Today we want to introduce you to an amazing girl, a talented model and actress Polli Cannabis. From the age of 12 she starred in films and played roles in theatrical studio performances, but when a break occurred in the movie career, Polly decided to try her hand at the modeling business. After moving to Moscow from her native Belarus, confident in her success, she went to storm the modeling agencies. Now Polly is under the wing of Indastria Models in Milan and FashionStars in Moscow, participates in numerous shootings, makes fashion shows on domestic and European catwalks, travels and enjoys the life of a professional model. She loves to experiment with her image, loves branded things, considers Cara Delevingne to be her idol, and in her free time she loves to read and relax in the friends’ campaign. Want to get to know this bright young lady? Then read the Polli Cannabis interview exclusively for Photos-models.com below!

Model Parameters:

Height: 179 cm;
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In the previous article, we introduced you to Mattia Krenza, the winner of the Elite Model Look 2015 in the Netherlands among the guys, and today we want to introduce you Anuk Theissen, the winner of the EML Netherlands 2015 among girls.

The 15-year-old beauty caught our attention as soon as we noticed her on the catwalk, and a few hours later she lit a new star in the modeling horizon. The girl shared her impressions of participating in the show and shared with us her joy from the victory. Anouk was also unable to hide her excitement from the upcoming trip to Milan, where the grand finale of the competition will be held, which will bring together beginner models from around the world.

Hello Anouk! Congratulations on your victory at the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015! We are very pleased to see you among the finalists of this incredibly popular contest! Tell us a few words about yourself, how old are you and where are you from?

Thanks! I am 15 years old and I am from Weichen, a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Five days a week I go to Continue reading


Lara Alvarez (Lara Alvarez) – Spanish fashion model, television journalist and TV presenter, known for her stunning appearance, managed to reach great heights at a fairly young age. To see her popularity, you can visit Lara’s Twitter and Instagram page, where hundreds of thousands of people are fans of her work.

Lara was born on May 29, 1986 in Spain. After graduating from Transformed Gijón High School in her hometown of Gijón (an industrial city and port in northern Spain), she entered the Villanueva College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Career of TV presenter and journalist
Her career as a TV presenter began at the age of 19 on a local TV channel as a news anchor, facilitated by her college teacher. After that, she was invited to conduct sports programs, as well as become a commentator on football matches. In December 2010, she joined the Sixth Sports Channel, where she acted as a TV presenter, correspondent and sports commentator. Laura several times moved from one sports channel to another, among others, the most popular Marca TV (2010-2011), Cuatro (2011-2012, 2015), Telecinco (2012-2013, 2015-), La Sexta (2010-2011) , Continue reading

The Danish model Steen Münch Hansen is a professional fashion model and is a member of Le Management, one of the largest agencies in Scandinavia, with more than 9 branches…


How famous models relieve stress
From the side, the model’s work is more like an eternal holiday - fashion shows, luxurious clothes and fun parties. But behind these joys are endless flights, a debilitating regime…


Meet the stunning Dutch model Melanie Norder, who recently signed her first contract with the Innocence Model agency and is ready to light a new star in the sky of…


Danish-born American supermodel Sarah Dianna has long made a name for herself in the modeling industry. She worked with Italian Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Amica, L’Official, Riviera, opened the first…